Find a rewarding career helping people get the education they need to be successful. Here you will find job postings for positions at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and other organizations that care about adult learners.

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CAEL Opportunities

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is responsible for managing CAEL’s financial statements and reporting, annual audits and oversees all accounting department activities and staff, including month-end closing and job cost reporting. Responsible for investment policy oversight, and preliminary budget analysis. Partners with senior management to develop policies and procedures to advance the operational success of the organization.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
• Prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements.
• Leads annual financial audit, including compilation of audit schedules.
• Oversees the Accounting day-to-day operations
• Manages centralized accounts payable system.
• Manages accounts receivable billing system of invoicing clients for services, including cash applications, bank reconciliations and cash flow projections.
• Assist in maintaining the Master Budget Template
• Enters budget data into the accounting system.
• Analyzes expense and revenue accounts to prepare month-end closings and financial reports.
• Assists with the preparation and analysis of operating budgets.
• Manages National Operations budget and organizational salary budgets.
• Enters budget data into the accounting system
• Prepares monthly budget variance reports and summary information.
• Maintains CAEL’s investment policy and ensures regulatory compliance; tracks monthly investment performance and maintains investment reports.
• Partners with HR Department to review and post payroll journal entries and quarterly reconciliations
• Oversees vendor management including: banking, supplies, storage, records management, accounting software
• Assists in determining and maintaining appropriate levels of commercial insurance coverage for CAEL properties; assists in the annual renewal process.
• Manages petty cash accounts.
• Maintains monthly postage and copying reports, and prepares corresponding journal entries
• Manages upgrades and customizations to the Accounting Software and System.
• Performs additional duties, assignments and projects as required.

Education and Experience:
• Master’s degree required with an emphasis on Management. Education is considered to include both the formal/traditional as well as learning from life and work experience.
• Three to Five years of work-related experience in related Accounting and Operations fields.
• CPA or CPA candidate preferred.

Skills and Knowledge:
• Relevant knowledge of the principles and practices of administration, operations and finance.
• Ability to develop long-term plans and programs, and to evaluate the effectiveness of current organizational processes.
• Ability to apply and adapt practices and techniques to the special requirements of senior management.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with other management staff, employees and the general public.
• Ability to present facts and recommendations effectively in oral and written form.
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
• Mature, professional manner and uncompromising commitment to confidentiality.

CAEL is an Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/H/V.

To apply, please submit a resume/CV and letter of interest to Note in the subject line the position title in which you are interested.

Veterans and Special Projects Coordinator

The Project Coordinator supports senior management and staff and is responsible for coordinating project-based activities.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
• Oversees all aspects of assigned projects.
• Develops and writes interim and final reports to funders.
• Assists in the design and delivery of workshops and other meetings.
• Develops workshop and meeting materials.
• Coordinates logistical arrangements for meetings and other convening activities.
• Collects, analyzes, and synthesizes information needed for projects by conducting web-based searches, phone interviews, and other data-collecting activities.
• Presents at workshops and meetings.
• Develops proposals and proposal budgets.
• Professionally and positively represents CAEL to all outside constituencies.
• Performs additional duties, projects and assignments as required.

Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree required. Education is considered to include both the formal/traditional as well as learning from life and work experience.
• Two to three years of related work experience in project management and working in teams required.
• Working with veterans, public policy or workforce development background preferred.
• Nonprofit experience preferred.

Skills and Qualifications:
• Proficiency in Microsoft software including Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Strong written and oral presentation skills and organizational skills.
• Ability to balance multiple projects and tasks.
• Strong work ethic that reflects a desire to exceed expectations.
• “Can do” attitude with an ability to take initiative.
• Commitment to nonprofit mission and culture, and an understanding of business imperatives and timelines.

CAEL is an Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/H/V.

To apply, please submit a resume/CV and letter of interest to Note in the subject line the position title in which you are interested.

Project Manager


Works with CAEL’s Higher Education Team, and with various CAEL colleagues to develop, market, sell and deliver Higher Education consulting projects related to Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), the Adult Learning Focused Institution (ALFI), and other CAEL products.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
• Effectively manage multiple projects in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
• Manage existing LearningCounts and Higher Education clients to ensure needs are being met, and that CAEL services are being used appropriately and effectively on campus.
• Develop and write proposals, including pricing and timelines, for colleges, state higher education systems, foundations and other clients/prospects
• Write reports for colleges, state higher education systems, foundations, and other clients/prospects as needed
• Understand and manage budgets
• Help strategize with CAEL’s VP for Higher Education on the effectiveness of current products and services, the development of new offerings, and the various avenues for selling them (i.e., on-site delivery, workshop, webinar or other)
• Facilitate and coordinate grant-funded CAEL Higher Education projects as appropriate
• Initiate and follow up on inquiries, maintain, and update databases with former and prospective CAEL clients

Education, Experience, and Skills Required:
• Ability to balance multiple projects and sales relationships in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
• Superior written communications skills
• Superior client relationship skills
• Ability to create and manage project budgets, plans and pricing
• Attention to detail and ability to guide a project from inception to conclusion
• Ability to take initiative and work independently
• Effectively collaborate with others
• At least a Master’s degree- preferably conversant in higher education pedagogy and systems
• Familiarity with prior learning assessment and competency-based education (preferred)
• Experience in marketing of services and/or products in higher education (preferred)

Interested candidates and internal referrals for this position should email a cover letter and resume to Please indicate Project Manager in the subject line.

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CAEL Remote Opportunities

Consultants: Prior Learning Assessment and Competency Based Assessment

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) is seeking to expand its pool of qualified consultants to work on behalf of CAEL to support colleges and college consortia as they develop, refine, and implement Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) programs and policies. CAEL is working with colleges to identify their PLA/CBA objectives and needs, and consultants with appropriate expertise will be invited by CAEL to work directly with CAEL and the colleges to address those needs. The purpose of this notice is to identify individuals to perform consulting and training on behalf of CAEL and in accordance with CAEL’s standards. CAEL will engage eligible consultants as needed, based on their specific skills and expertise, as well as availability. Inclusion in the pool does not guarantee employment as a CAEL consultant.


CAEL will accept qualifications on an ongoing basis. Consultants are encouraged to submit qualifications prior to August 15, 2013. Qualifications are to be submitted to Joel Simon at


CAEL hosted a webinar for prospective consultants on August 1, 2013, a recording of the webinar can be viewed here.

Consultants whose qualifications are appropriate for work with CAEL and partner colleges may be required to participate in a training exercise prior to delivering any consulting services on behalf of CAEL

About CAEL
For nearly 40 years, CAEL, a non-profit organization, has been dedicated to removing barriers to lifelong learning, and putting meaningful learning, credentials and work within reach of every adult. CAEL is the nation’s recognized leader in PLA policy and practice and is among the leading organizations with expertise in Competency-Based Assessment. CAEL works with colleges and universities, employers, labor organizations, foundations, and the public sector to create and implement programs that support lifelong learning and educational attainment. We also work with communities experiencing economic change and provide research, consulting, and technical assistance to the learning provider community (colleges, job training programs, career awareness efforts etc.) to develop skills among the local population to enable business attraction, retention, and success.

About the Consulting Work

As the nation goes through economic changes, communities and institutions must provide skills development and learning opportunities in order to meet the demands of the 21st century. To satisfy current and emerging skills needs, employers will not be able to rely solely upon the pipeline of young people entering education and employment. Employers and educational institutions must also engage adults who already have skills and work experience, but who may not have the necessary credentials and/or complete range of requisite knowledge and skills.

It is our challenge to help adults make a smooth transition, applying their prior learning wherever possible to improve engagement, retention, and success in higher education, and success in maintaining their employability. Although most colleges and universities have some PLA policies and some have active PLA programs, such policies and programs are typically underutilized, and most often few students take advantage of them. Other institutions recognize the need to grant credit for prior learning but have not developed or implemented relevant policies and practices.

Community colleges are well-positioned to serve adults who bring prior learning to their studies and to be flexible and responsive to employer needs. CAEL is already working with a number of community colleges to more effectively leverage best practices in PLA and CBA as ways to help individuals engage (or re-engage) in the education they need for employment in their communities and to help them move through their education in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

As these community colleges and college consortia use PLA and CBA to better serve both learners and employers, many recognize that they will need to build or adjust policies to have the greatest impact and to ensure that their policies are relevant and meaningful for specific industries, college programs/disciplines, and learner populations.

A range of methods are used for documenting and validating college-level learning, including prior learning portfolios, skills demonstrations, recognition of industry credentials and non-credit training, third-party evaluations, and standardized testing – often including competency-based assessments. . If you are interested in consulting for CAEL, you need to be familiar with the range of PLA and competency-based assessment techniques and tools, and not limited to any particular method or tool.

Assistance to the colleges and college consortia will likely include:
• Policy Development Assistance. Many colleges have some policies for assessing and crediting prior learning and providing Competency-Based Assessment but existing policy may not encourage active utilization or be relevant to target populations, target industries, or academic disciplines. CAEL Consultants may be needed to work with the institutions to examine, expand, or adjust policies to better meet the needs of the targeted learners, industries, and academic departments

• Faculty and Staff Training. Some colleges may have the policies in place necessary to recognize and award credit for prior learning but may lack the staff capacity to bring PLA and CBA programs to scale. CAEL trainers may be called upon to provide a variety of staff development activities, such as training for academic leadership on PLA standards and processes, PLA awareness and assessment training for faculty, and training for advisors and counselors on promoting PLA among target populations and supporting students as they develop education plans that incorporate their prior learning credits.

• Applying PLA and CBA to key disciplines. The Consultants’ assistance to colleges will include broad application of PLA, but will largely focus on how to use PLA as a tool for engagement and completion in particular disciplines. In general, CAEL partner colleges are focusing on specific disciplines linked to careers in targeted industries. These include Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, Energy, Healthcare, and other career fields. CAEL Consultants may be asked to help institutions identify the best methods to validate learning and competency in those disciplines, creating rubrics for assessment of particular skills, and working with employers and faculty to determine feasible approaches for assessing prior learning and competencies, identifying learning gaps and developing ways to efficiently address those gaps.

• Other Consulting/Assistance. Through work with the colleges and the consortia, CAEL and CAEL Consultants may discover the need for other forms of assistance as well CAEL may call upon CAEL Consultants to help address these other needs as well.

Consultant Qualifications

Consultants working for CAEL to support PLA and CBA policy and practice at partner community colleges must be able to demonstrate the following:
• Commitment to adult learners and to CAEL’s mission
• Knowledge of and experience with Prior Learning Assessment and Competency-Based Assessment, as evidenced by some formal professional development via CAEL or other recognized bodies
• Experience within a college or university setting implementing a range of PLA processes and/or addressing PLA/CBA policies, with a preference for experience within a community college
• Adherence to all CAEL standard and policy positions with regard to best practice in PLA and CBA
• Knowledge of regional accrediting bodies related to awarding credit for prior learning and other forms of direct assessment and financial aid policies related to payment for PLA and other forms of direct assessment
• Experience working with a range of stakeholders within Higher Education institutions
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Ability to synthesize and integrate a range of individual facts and pieces of information
• Understanding of and respect for the role of community colleges, including both for-credit and non-credit areas
• Ability to represent CAEL and the field of adult learning with integrity and positively
• Willingness to travel to partner locations, if needed
• Expertise in one or more areas of PLA assistance (approaches, policy, staff and/or faculty professional development, portfolio assessment, industry-specific application, preferably in one or more targeted disciplines)

In order to be considered as a CAEL PLA and/or CBA consultant please submit the following to Joel Simon, CAEL Vice President ( Consultants are encouraged to submit their qualifications by August 15, 2013, but will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Consultant statements of qualifications should include the following:
• A cover letter indicating the area(s) of expertise as indicated above (policy, training, discipline-specific application of PLA methods), as well as proposed consulting rates (hourly and daily)
• A brief biography or resume
• Description of experience, training related to the particular area(s) of expertise (no more than one page per area of expertise please)
• Consultants seeking assignments in the Policy area must submit sample policies and description of the policy consulting project(s) that resulted in a particular policy
• Consultants seeking assignments in the Training area must submit descriptions of PLA or CBA -related trainings delivered, as well as sample training materials and evaluations
• Consultants seeking assignments in the Key Career and Technical Disciplines area must submit a description of how you have worked to define and assess discipline-specific learning outcomes, including any relevant analyses or work product(s). Although the initiatives that CAEL is supporting each focus on specific industries and related academic disciplines, the work product and experience does not necessarily need to be within the identified disciplines/industries. However, you must describe the overall approaches used and demonstrate that you can apply useful approaches within other career and technical subject areas. Again, please keep descriptions as focused and concise as you can.
• A minimum of three (3) references, including contact information. References should be those who are able to speak to your qualifications in the specific area(s) of expertise (Policy, Training and Key Disciplines) for which you are applying for qualification.

Selected consultants may be required to attend an orientation and training session prior to being assigned a consulting project or client college.

A brief Q&A can also be found here.

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Cabrini College

Vice President for Adult and Professional Programs

Cabrini College ( is seeking nominations and applications for a Vice President for Adult and Professional Programs. Reporting directly to the President, the Vice President for Adult and Professional Programs is responsible for all programs and services offered through Adult and Professional Programs.

Cabrini College is a coeducational Catholic liberal-arts college near Philadelphia, dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, and a commitment to social justice. Cabrini currently boasts an enrollment of approximately 2,300 students, with nearly 1,200 undergraduate and 1,100 graduate students and has more than 30 undergraduate majors, 50 student clubs and honor societies, and 16 Division III athletic teams.


• Member of the President’s Cabinet
• Academic and administrative responsibility for all programs and services offered through Adult and Professional Programs
• Provide visionary leadership to the faculty & staff at the College in seeking opportunities in the rapidly changing world of adult/no-traditional education to enhance current offerings and to implement new programs
• Collaborate with academic units for the creation of new online, face-to-face and hybrid program development
• Lead the planning, budgeting and management of all programs and support activities related to adult, professional and continuing education at the College
• Provide leadership for recruitment and enrollment of non-traditional students:
o Establish enrollment goals for adult learners, develop recruitment, promotion and retention strategies for all adult learners
o Establish new student markets to expand adult and nontraditional enrollment
• Conduct market research to identify undergraduate and graduate programs of interests to adult students; liaison with major employers to identify skill gaps that program curriculum should address for their employees
• Work with Cabrini College community to enhance the adult/graduate student experience
• Develop continuing education to support lifelong learning opportunities for seniors


• Master’s degree with Ph.D. (or equivalent Doctoral degree) preferred
• Demonstrated knowledge of the needs of the adult learner
• Minimum of five - seven years of progressively responsible experience in higher education with a focus on undergraduate and graduate online, continuing education and professional programs
• Familiarity with nontraditional course delivery methods (i.e. distance education, online learning, hybrid courses, off-site courses) and the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning
• A commitment to collaborative engagement with faculty, students and staff
• Familiarity with methods and issues of assessment;
• Experience in a senior administrative position with supervisory and budgetary responsibilities
• Ability to communicate effectively the mission and values of the College
• Have impeccable integrity, exemplary oral and written communication skills, with a strong attention to detail
• Appreciation of the importance of encouraging diversity in the college community and across the curriculum;
• Must have permanent, legal authorization to work in the U.S.A.

Cabrini College is being assisted by the partners of Hyatt – Fennell. Nominations and application materials should be submitted via email to Cheryl Hyatt at Applications will include a focused letter of interest, a current résumé/CV, and complete contact information for five professional references. Application deadline is September 30, 2014. All applications and nominations will be considered highly confidential.

Cabrini College is an Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer (AA/EOE).

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Bay Path College

Chief Enrollment Officer
Online and On-Campus, Adult Women's Program


If the idea of creating something from the ground up appeals to you, and if you like being surrounded by goal-oriented, passionate, mission-driven professionals, then Bay Path College will be the right place for your talents. We are committed to delivering superior service within an innovative, collaborative, high-tech, high touch and nimble environment. Our top priority is insuring that all women, especially first-generation college students, have access to a quality education that will provide excellent career opportunities, ultimately impacting the lives of their families/children, their workplace, and their communities.

This newly created position will oversee the recruitment efforts for online programs as well as our three on-campus locations located in Longmeadow, Sturbridge, and Burlington, Massachusetts. Executing proven techniques for recruiting online students is critical with a specific mandate to develop unique strategies for adult women.

Key functions include the development of a strong, data-driven, student-centered recruitment plan resulting in an easy, seamless process from student prospect to matriculant designed specifically for adult women. The candidate will set clear, ethical expectations and train and mentor the recruitment team to insure success in achieving enrollment goals. A proven track record of success is essential, especially in online recruitment, as well as the ability to develop positive working relationships with all other departments including academic affairs, marketing, financial aid, the registrar, student billing, and career resources. Ultimately, this candidate will be an important ambassador for Bay Path and our adult women students.

This position will be located in our newly acquired and designed suite of offices in Springfield, MA.

Bay Path is a private, non-profit college of 2400 students. We take pride in offering exceptional educational opportunities through our undergraduate program for women, our unique Saturday Program for women, graduate programs for women and men, and Bay Path Online. We are currently developing a 57,000 sq. ft. graduate health sciences building in an adjacent town to add to our main campus in Longmeadow and our other locations in Sturbridge and Burlington, Massachusetts. We are the recipient of several grants including a Title III Grant, HRSA Grant, Walmart Foundation Grant for first generation students and an NSF grant. In a recent Council of Independent Colleges financial survey, Bay Path’s financial health is one of the strongest in the country for colleges of our size.

Qualifications: Candidates must possess a proven track record as a senior manager and supervisor; a successful record in recruiting and retaining online students; a deep understanding of the best practices in this complex, competitive landscape; significant experience with strategic planning, data analysis, record keeping, reporting, trends and research in online education; demonstrated results leveraging contemporary CRM solutions to drive electronic communications and automating admissions workflow; proven track record of improving lead generation through a strategic combination of traditional and marketing digital initiatives; positive attitude with a fearless, creative, goal-oriented mentality; a Master’s degree.

Application: Please submit a resume and letter of interest describing why you are the best candidate and creative solutions you would implement for an adult women-only online candidate pool. Applications and three references with contact information should be sent electronically in MS Word format to Resumes will be reviewed immediately by Dr. Carol Leary, President, and will continue until the successful candidate is hired. Compensation and benefits are very competitive. Anticipated start date is February 15 or shortly thereafter.

An equal opportunity employer, Bay Path College is committed to fostering diversity in its student body, faculty, and staff.

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Indiana University—Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)

Executive Director of the Division of Continuing Studies

The Executive Director reports to the VCAA and is responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the division. The responsibilities of the position include oversight of the Division's core departments: Online and Credit Programs, Education Outreach, Personal and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Training, and the Marketing Department.

The Executive Director has responsibility for five key areas:

1. Leadership, Vision, and Planning

• Provides overall leadership, direction, advocacy, communication, coordination, and assessment of the unit as a whole, and of the sub-units within it as they advance IPFW’s strategic plan.

2. Administration and Management

• Works cooperatively in managing a budget, which will support the mission of the unit and its sub-units
• Ensures that procedures established and applied fundamentally protect and enhance the unit's academic and fiscal integrity.

3. Personnel Duties
• Ensures the proper staffing, management and development/training for all division staff

4. Operational Tasks
• Reviews the scope, quality, and coverage of credit and non-credit classes offered through the division and ensures their appropriateness to the mission of the division and the campus as a whole.
• Oversees the division’s marketing initiatives
• Oversees contract programs for area businesses or other organizations
• Works collaboratively with appropriate university departments and community partners to develop and support programs.

5. Student Duties

• Designs and employs strategies to improve student recruitment and retention within the unit
• Ensures appropriate student support services for off-campus, distance learning and other students served by division in cooperation with designated campus units.

The successful candidate will possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and will be a results-based leader with superb management and business development skills. S/he will have significant experience in managing continuing education programs and human resources in higher education and will have the academic and administrative background to function successfully at all levels of the university and with a wide range of external partners. The successful candidate will possess a master’s degree in an appropriate field.

The complete job description may be found at:

Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) is the largest university in northeast Indiana, offering more than 200 prestigious Indiana University and Purdue University degrees and certificates. More than 13,000 students of diverse ages, races, and nationalities pursue their education on our 682-acre campus. IPFW combines challenging academic programs with student-centered flexibility at an affordable price. The university’s exemplary standards in teaching and research provide unparalleled value for career preparation and professional development in an ever-changing global market. The university’s commitment to the region’s economic development and to service makes it an economic, cultural, and societal leader in the region. IPFW is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access University accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Applications must include 1) a letter of interest; 2) a current curriculum vitae; 3) the names, addresses, titles, and contact information of at least four professionals capable of assessing the candidate’s qualifications. Apply online at:

The screening process will begin in late May and continue until the appointment has been made. A July 1, 2014 starting date is preferred. Employment is contingent on a satisfactory background records check.

IPFW is an EEO/AA Employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce. All individuals, including minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans are encouraged to apply.

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LeTourneau University

Vice President for Online and Graduate Enrollment Services

LeTourneau University, an interdenominational, evangelical Christ-centered institution of higher learning, seeks a senior-level enrollment administrator with substantial experience in online services to serve as Vice President for Online and Graduate Enrollment Services. A new position within the University, this administrator will oversee the operations and professional staffs of the offices of Global Campus Admissions and Recruitment, University Marketing & Communications, and the Office of the Registrar.

The Vice President will join LeTourneau at a significant juncture for planning the University’s future. Currently completing its strategic plan launched in 2010, LeTourneau is preparing to embark on a new phase of strategic planning, led by President Dale Lunsford, in the 2014-2015 academic year. The plan will center on the University’s unique mission of preparing competent professionals with Christ-like character to impact workplaces around the world. The Vice President will contribute to shaping the new strategic plan.

Reporting to the Provost and Executive Vice President, the Vice President for Online and Graduate Enrollment Services is responsible for the recruitment, enrollment, and retention of the University’s adult, graduate, and online students. This senior administrator serves as the liaison to and resource for the administration regarding non-traditional enrollment and interprets data to assist in strategic decisions. Through this leader, strong enrollment will be directly connected to an effective marketing program, outstanding academic programs, excellent student retention, and an intentional engagement with partnering institutions and alumni.

The Vice President for Online and Graduate Enrollment Services collaborates with the Vice President for Enrollment Services (Residential Campus) in ensuring the University’s mission of preparing men and women to make an impact through their calling by providing an exceptional Christ-centered education is clearly communicated and evidenced through the services for the recruitment and enrollment of undergraduate and graduate students.

The Vice President ensures adherence to state and federal policies, regulations, and procedures regarding admission and student records evaluation and maintenance. This administrator is charged with achieving enrollment goals for adult, graduate, online students, and LeTourneau’s campuses in Dallas and Houston.

Among the many and varied duties of the Vice President are:
• Collaborates with the Vice President for Enrollment Services (Residential Campus) in aligning comprehensive Enrollment Services priorities to advance student enrollment and achieve related University Strategic Plan initiatives for all global (non-traditional) programs
• Serves as the non-traditional student (online, hybrid, extension campus, and adult learners) strategic leader for marketing, enrollment, retention, and related student-support services
• Develops, reviews and monitors marketing, recruitment, and enrollment strategies and practices to meet enrollment goals for the non-traditional population
• Together with the Vice President for Enrollment Services (Residential Campus), serves as the chief marketing officer, ensuring messaging is consistent with the LETU brand yet appropriately differentiated for the target market
• Analyzes data and anticipates potential opportunities and challenges that strengthen or weaken the University’s market position in adult, online, and graduate enrollment
• Identifies processes that inhibit enrollment growth and works with a team of leaders throughout campus in developing innovative resolutions (Specifically this person will collaborate with the VPES (Residential Campus) in addressing customer service-related issues in order to promote the most desirable experience for prospective and current students, faculty, and staff
• Partners with retention officers to assess and identify adult, graduate, and online students with entry characteristics indicating attrition risks and leads the implementation of retention strategies that promote student success and achievement
• Generates regular funnel, benchmark, and enrollment reports demonstrating progress towards reaching budgeted enrollment goals (in collaboration with Institutional Research, as appropriate)
• Oversees the management and operations of Online and Graduate Student Admissions & Recruitment, University Marketing & Communications, and the Registrar’s Office
• Develops, reviews and monitors transcript evaluation, records retention, and Registrar’s Office functions to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as SACSCOC standards
• Manages budgets for all direct report offices
• Develops and maintains productive relationships across the University and the professional community
• Collaborates with Information Technology in explaining functional needs of enrollment systems and automating enrollment processes for maximum efficiency
• Partners with the Provost and Executive Vice President in accomplishing the University’s mission and strategic plan goals.

The Vice President for Online and Graduate Enrollment Services will be a detail-oriented administrator with a highly successful record of data-driven enrollment and/or client-building sales management experience. A master’s degree is required; a Ph.D., or equivalent is preferred. Candidates should have at least 10 years of relevant experience, with at least five years of managerial responsibilities.

The ideal candidate will have a proven record of success in a similar role serving a comprehensive university. The candidate also will possess strategic insight and significant depth of knowledge of current trends and opportunities for growth in the non-traditional undergraduate and graduate student market, along with abilities to build an excellent customer service experience for prospective and current students.

This administrator is expected to demonstrate a maturing personal faith in Jesus Christ while meeting the responsibilities of the position.

Other qualifications include:
• Strong appreciation for Christian higher education and an enthusiastic Christian faith that is in agreement with the University’s statement of mission and faith
• Special interest and experience in recruiting adult, graduate, and online students with proven experience in securing profitable relationships for marketing, lead generation, and promotion of non-traditional educational delivery
• Personal integrity that demonstrates ethical leadership beyond professional responsibilities
• Successful record of meeting enrollment goals
• Ability to analyze data
• Extensive knowledge of federal and state regulations pertaining to financial aid and admissions
• Exceptional presentation and communication skills
• Knowledge and ability to administer a complex budget and manage diverse staffs
• Ability to meet multiple deadlines and handle diverse projects simultaneously

ONE LeTourneau Commitment
This leader must embrace a commitment and passion for a One University Organization Model. This model includes:
• Full support of clear academic oversight of curriculum, instruction, and student outcomes
• Distinct academic units consisting of deans, program directors, advisors, and faculty reporting to the Provost
• A determination to grow academic quality while also growing student enrollment and a University-wide marketing and branding plan
• Viewing all students as LeTourneau University students with a commitment to same outcomes in learning and experience (where possible) regardless of educational delivery system
• A passion to build the University through development of an entrepreneurial culture among all academic and administrative leaders
• A passion for articulating and exemplifying Christian faith and virtue as an integral core in the professional disciplines

Application Process
LeTourneau University considers candidates without discrimination on the basis of race, age, sex, genetic information, handicapping condition, or national origin.

Candidate applications and nominations for the position of Vice President for Online and Graduate Enrollment Services at LeTourneau University are now being accepted. To apply, submit a cover letter addressing how the candidate’s experiences match the position requirements, résumé, and contact information on at least four references to:

Deadline for Applications is June 27, 2014.

Myers McRae Executive Search and Consulting is conducting this search for LeTourneau University. The lead consultant is:
Emily Parker Myers
President and CEO
515 Mulberry Street, Suite 200
Macon, Georgia 31201
(478) 330-6222
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Lincoln College – Normal Campus

Executive Director of the Center for Adult Learning

Lincoln College-Normal (LCN) invites applications for the position of Executive Director of the Center for Adult Learning. Reporting to the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Executive Director is responsible for effectively leading, managing, and planning all facets of the College’s Center for Adult Learning (CAL), including the Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) delivery modality for the College’s degree programs. Located in Normal, Illinois, LCN is a private, bachelor-degree granting college and is a branch campus of Lincoln College originally chartered Lincoln University in 1865 in Lincoln, Illinois. The Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) has additional site locations in Ogelsby, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois.

General Position Description:
The Executive Director of the Center for Adult Learning is responsible for:
• Identifying, developing, and implementing new programs and partnerships for adult learning through outreach efforts with local businesses and other external organizations.
• Identifying and implementing partnership agreements with area community colleges for expansion of the Accelerated Bridge to Education to additional site locations.
• Providing strategic direction and planning for the Center aligning such planning with the mission, vision, and values of Lincoln College.
• Establishing and achieving enrollment goals for the ABE delivery modality working with the ABE office of admissions.
• Working collaboratively with other divisions of Lincoln College to ensure consistency and alignment of academic policies where appropriate.
• Effectively managing the CAL budget to ensure expenditures are aligned with appropriate fiscal stewardship.
• Supervising and leading a staff of eight (8) professional staff members including two (2) ABE admissions professionals, a Director of ABE Faculty Development, a Non-Traditional Student Services Coordinator, an Academic Advisor, two (2) additional location Site Coordinators, and an administrative assistant.
• Overseeing all departments of the Center for Adult Learning including ABE Admissions, ABE academic support services, ABE faculty through the Director of ABE Faculty Development, and the additional site locations in Ogelsby, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois.
• Enforcing ABE academic and enrollment policies.
• Actively engaging in programmatic assessment of CAL initiatives and programs to maintain the College’s Adult-Learning Focused Institution (ALFI) designation.

The successful candidate will exhibit the highest professional standards and ethical principles and will be committed to the tenets of Lincoln College’s mission, vision, and values and to the Council of Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) principles and ‘best practices’ in adult learning.


Qualifications: Master's degree required, doctoral degree preferred. Three years experience in a higher education setting required working with adult degree completion programs and accelerated classes.

Experience: Excellent organizational skills with the ability to work independently, set priorities, and complete assignments in a timely manner. Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills with the ability to interact with a wide variety of constituencies, both in person (one-on-one and in groups), on the phone, and via email. Strong analytical, problem solving, and decision-making skills. Demonstrated success in leading a department (preferably adult degree completion and/or adult/continuing education centers). Experience with strategic planning and leadership preferred. Experience working with curriculum, assessment, and faculty members preferred.

To Apply

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter addressing the expected qualifications and experience for the position, a curriculum vitae, an essay regarding their philosophy of adult education, and name, title, and phone number for three professional references via email to Dean Kratz,

Detailed information about the College is available at:

Lincoln College is an equal opportunity employer.
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Multnomah University

Degree Completion Program Director

Job Description:
To provide development and leadership for the Degree Completion Program, managing all program aspects in cooperation with appropriate division chairperson and administrative directors.

Principal Responsibilities:
Development Responsibilities
Objective: Develop and implement all aspects of DCP

  • Develop and implement goals and plans for meeting them, which support the goals of the program and the College.

  • Maintain and, as needed, revise the faculty and staff handbook and student handbook for the DCP.

  • Develop and supervise Credit by Demonstrated Competency process, including presentation preparation, delivery, and creation of a tracking CDC database.

  • Consult with the Director of Marketing for all marketing and advertising for DCP.

  • As needed, develop and serve as Chair of the DCP Faculty-Staff Advisory Committee, calling meetings on a quarterly basis, or as needed, to review CDC matters.

  • Manage the program budget, including expected revenue and line item expenditures.

  • Develop a monthly report for the Academic Dean outlining budget status and program profile.

  • Develop and/or ascertain appropriate assessment tools in conjunction with accrediting standards.

  • Develop and schedule faculty training for CDC evaluators and MU faculty recruited to teach in the program.

Supervision Responsibilities
Objective: To provide direct supervision to DCP staff and guidance to resource staff in other departments.

  • Supervise program staff. Supervise program faculty in cooperation with the directors or division chairpersons
  • within whose staff these persons are assigned. Provide training and support for all personnel.
  • Coordinate the evaluation of the curriculum and instruction, ensuring quality control for each.
  • Coordinate the process outlined for assessing prior learning, through the Academic Advisor assigned to conduct the process, to assure quality.
  • Coordinate ordering of required textbooks and preparation of student handout material, and inventory for
  • curriculum and textbooks.
  • Coordinate CLEP testing site by serving as Master Site Administrator.

Recruitment Responsibilities
Objective: To recruit and retain prospective students via coaching through promotion, admission, and cohort creation/retention processes.

  • Coach and recruit faculty and administration for DCP and the Credit by Demonstrated Competency process in cooperation with the appropriate division chairpersons with final approval of appointment by the Academic Dean.
  • Conduct interviews with prospective students in the role of coach/advisor to provide them with an estimate of credits that might be earned in the program through traditional and non-traditional CDC. Provide academic plan to initiate process.
  • Coordinate with the Marketing and Admissions Departments in representing the DCP at off campus events with recruiting and program support intended. Promotion and visibility includes events such as: local pastor’s conferences, hosted breakfasts, Christian Chamber Northwest and Community Higher Education Consortium events; and national Christian Adult Higher Education Association and Council for Adult Experiential Learning
  • conferences and leadership events.

Student and Classroom Responsibilities
Objective: To coordinate program development and maintenance, providing for student services through all departments, using life coaching for recruiting and retention.

  • Schedule all groups planned for the year, arrange suitable classroom space, site locations, and publishing of the schedule to include Bridge, Information Sessions, CDC workshops and DCP cohorts.
  • Work with the Librarian to arrange resource materials for use in student’s independent research and schedule library orientation presentations.
  • Work with the Registrar to assure DCP tracking and transcripting of grades through standard student processes according to accreditation standards.
  • Coach and advise students as needed and provide referrals for remedial education; monitor student attendance and academic progress, making adjustments as required including Leave of Absence, course extension, and appeal approvals, and, in conjunction with the Academic Advisor, make arrangements for graduation.
  • Perform coaching debriefs for cohorts for retention purposes.
  • The DCP Director may also teach at least one modular course per year.

Additional Responsibilities
Objective: To perform additional responsibilities as needed.

  • Acquire proficient level of use of internal computer systems: Power Campus, IQ Web, Share Point, Excel, PowerPoint, Word to produce documents, reports and data.
  • Work in coordination with Academic Dean Administrative Assistant, Faculty Administrative Assistant, Human Resource Personnel, Business Office to facilitate adjunct faculty adjustment to MU, as well as other offices to process DCP functions.
  • Respond positively to supervision of the Academic Dean, represent the Multnomah Degree Completion Program and College to campus, business, church and community groups, and serve in other areas as requested by the Academic Dean or President.
  • Assist other program staff with duties and responsibilities as needed, and perform functions for the program that may involve local travel and work outside of office hours from time to time.
  • Supervise Student Ministry requirement administration.
  • Supervise Multnomah Connect system delivery for DCP.
  • Give input to feasibility of MU DCP functionality at potential distant sites.

Job-specific Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree required, earned Doctorate desired. Academic degrees in educational administration, organizational management, human resources management or related fields desired.
  • Experience in teaching and coaching adult learners.
  • Background in organizational management, communication, continuing education and administration for adult learner programs required.
  • Skills appropriate for program promotion and high affinity for people.
  • Evidence of “goal-oriented” performance required.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated excellence in providing impeccable customer service.
  • Thorough understanding of all programs Multnomah offers.
  • Knowledge of educational institutions in the Portland area.

General Requirements:
Because we believe that professionally qualified, committed Christian personnel are key to the operation of a truly Christian college and seminary, and that not only teachers, but all employees, by the pattern of their lives, serve as role models to our students, all employment positions at Multnomah University contain the following statements relating to required personal qualities:

  • The employee will have received Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior. John. 1:12
  • The employee will be in basic agreement with the institution’s doctrinal statement.
  • The employee will believe that the Bible is God’s Word and standard for faith and daily living. 2 Tim. 3:16-17
  • The employee will be a Christian role model in attitude, speech and actions towards others. This includes being committed to God’s biblical standards for morality and sexual conduct. 1 Tim. 4:12, Luke 6:40, Col. 3:17, Titus 2:7-8, 1 Thess. 2:10 and 5:22.
  • The employee will be a regular participant in a local, evangelical church.

Full Time (40 hours) with Medical and Dental benefit options starting the first day of the month following the first 30 days of employment.

To Apply: Application must be made to the DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES. For full consideration complete an employment application (available online at and attach to a cover letter and resume. Please include the name, title and phone number of three references. Applicant must be willing to sign Multnomah's doctrinal and value statements. An interview may be arranged after your file is complete.

After submitting your application if you have questions regarding this position please contact Stan Campbell,

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National Louis University

Position: Student Success Coach (Science)

The Student Success Coach (Science) is a part-time federally funded grant position. This individual will work with the Chicago Teacher Pipeline Partnership (CTPP) teacher candidates to ensure student success. Additionally, this individual will be responsible for developing a comprehensive academic support program for students in the Chicago Teacher Pipeline Partnership (CTPP) program as they take general education and concentration science courses. Will be responsible for working with students at the freshman through upper class level, working closely with faculty ensuring that tutoring plans meet class goals.

Specific responsibilities will include: Provide or arrange science tutoring for individual students and groups of students and academic coaching for students; Work with faculty to develop science support for all science courses as part of the CTPP program; Meet individually with cohort candidates to discuss academic progress; Establish a communication system with faculty to monitor student progress and detect needs for intervention; Assist the Undergraduate Initiatives staff in program planning and implementation.

Bachelor degree in Science required. Master’s degree preferred. Minimum 2 years experience working with traditional and non-traditional students from culturally diverse backgrounds in tutoring and/or classroom teaching. Experience and understanding of on-line portals for coursework and portfolios is a plus. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to speak Spanish strongly preferred. This is a part-time 20-hour week position.

Please send your cover letter and resume to with Job ID “CHSSC” in the subject line. No phone calls please. You will be contacted if additional information is required or an interview is requested.
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Medaille College

Director of Center for Community-Based Learning

Medaille College is seeking a Director for its new Center for Community-Based Learning. The Director will serve as a liaison among faculty, students, staff, and community agencies to promote and facilitate various forms of experiential, community-based learning. The successful candidate will be responsible for assisting faculty with incorporating community-based learning into new and existing courses; building, maintaining, and sustaining relationships with community partners; and coordinating logistical needs of community-based learning. Other duties will include assisting with assessment and maintaining an archive of initiatives and projects.

The candidate must have a Master’s degree or higher and understanding of theories and best practices of experiential, community-based learning. The candidate also must have a minimum of 3 years experience in directing either community-based learning in a college/university setting or leading a community organization or agency, as well as experience with assessment and planning. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, strong interpersonal skills, and a commitment to working with diverse constituencies are essential to the position.

Medaille is a growing, private, four-year, liberal arts-based college in Buffalo, New York, serving the educational needs of traditional and non-traditional students in Western New York and Southern Ontario through a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs (

Please submit resume with cover letter and three contact references to: Barbara Bilotta, Director of Human Resources, Medaille College, 18 Agassiz Circle, Buffalo, NY 14214. Review of applications will continue until position is filled. No phone calls please.

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St. Ambrose University

Director of Adult Learning

St. Ambrose University seeks a Director of Adult Learning that will energize our core value of Life-Long Learning and history of serving the needs of adult students. The Director will provide leadership for, and should have knowledge and experience of, academic programming/services and types of delivery formats that meet the needs of adult students at the University. Individual will also serve as a liaison to academic and student support departments.

The Director of Adult Learning will need to be creative in navigating the academic realms of undergraduate education in a university setting that serves adult students housed in three colleges. The Director will be knowledgeable about adult learning principles and have experience working with faculty to implement them as they relate to courses, hiring qualified faculty, providing support with alternative delivery formats, identifying appropriate faculty development workshops, and leading assessment initiatives.

Minimum Qualifications: Master’s degree from a regionally accredited university, with a doctorate preferred. The ideal candidate will have at least 5-10 years of combined and successful administrative and/or teaching experience in a higher education setting with knowledge of adult learners, experience with alternative delivery formats and curriculum development, strong analytical and problem solving skills, and excellent written and oral communication skills. Priority will be given to applicants demonstrating strong leadership and an ability to work effectively with others.

This is a full-time, 12 month appointment. Deadline to apply is February 21, 2014. Salary is commensurate with education and experience. Apply on-line at and attach a cover letter, resume or curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information for three professional references. AA/EOE