Education and career advising is the vital link that helps people to succeed in navigating their many options and choosing fulfilling paths. Tuition and books are more expensive than ever, so helping individuals make good choices about what and where to study can be a money-saving proposition. In addition, when employees take advantage of advising:

  • 72% of employers say employees have higher rates of course completion*
  • 78% of employers who track results report that employees are promoted more often*

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) supports employer and college advising by:

Directly Advising Adults for Success

Employee Advising

Advising is a great benefit for your employees. They appreciate the service and feel a greater connection to their work. And you save money on tuition reimbursement and training as they make more efficient choices. CAEL’s nationwide network of advisors provides direct advising online, over the phone, and in person.

Student Advising
Advising services can help your students focus their educational goals, which improves their chances for staying in school—and graduating. CAEL’s nationwide network of advisors provides direct advising online, over the phone, and in person.

Training Staff to Advise Adults

HR Staff and Managers

To meet your company’s current and future staffing needs, your HR staff and managers must provide advice that leads to the right, and most efficient, education and training choices. CAEL can train your staff to help employees navigate their choices effectively.

College Advisors
With student populations changing dramatically in recent years, advisors must be able to handle the specific needs of adult students. CAEL trains your advisors to better understand the challenges adults face, and retain those students.

*Source: Results of a national survey conducted by CAEL of 287 employers across multiple industries


College Leaders Valuing Veterans

An event, “Valuing Veterans: How Our Campuses Can Better Serve Those Who Have Served,” held in Chicago on September 27, generated support for student veterans from the presidents and provosts of Chicago-area colleges and universities and raised awareness of the needs and contributions of student veterans.

Complete the Degree

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has introduced and endorsed Complete the Degree; a free service, led by local non-profits with a commitment to educational success.


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