A majority of future jobs will require workers who are college graduates. Employee education programs can provide the necessary college credit for workers pursuing degrees or credentials, assuring that employers have access to a highly-skilled, highly-trained labor pool that is necessary for maintaining organizational productivity.

CAEL can work with you to develop employee education programs for your workforce. Employee education programs will allow you to develop talent at all levels – particularly, the entry and mid-level employees who create your products, service your customers, support your culture, and represent your brand. They are your internal talent pipeline who will benefit tremendously from employee college credit opportunities.

Let the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) help you create efficient, effective employee education programs. By providing employee college credit opportunities, you will be able to:

  • Engage Employees
  • Retain Employees
  • Build a Pipeline of Qualified Talent

Learning Assessments

Often, the greatest obstacle to growing your own talent is a lack of vital knowledge and skills in your workforce. When learning is carefully assessed, you will have an accurate grasp of employees skills. And when it is assessed for college credit, you are helping them attain the credentials and skills they need to develop.


Employee Advising

Through skillful advising, employees make smart education choices and find the most efficient paths to their degrees and credentials. CAEL’s employee advising services help you develop your employees faster and save money on educational “false starts”.


Education Partnerships

For many employers, the education supply chain is broken. Too many high schools and colleges are not graduating students with the skills and competencies employers need. CAEL helps you partner with colleges and universities to address this problem through a relationship custom-made to meet your goals.


Career Paths

CAEL helps you uncover career paths within your organization so your employees see the route they want to follow. When the path is clear, they are more likely to get there—and less likely to leave.



Often employers have specific problems that require specific solutions. Whether you’re facing an exodus of retiring workers or lackluster front-line performance, CAEL works with you to craft solutions to increase skills and improve employee engagement.


Workforce Chicago

WorkforceChicago is a group of business leaders committed to building a skilled and educated talent pool not only in our own companies, but throughout the Chicago region.