Economic Development

Companies choose communities that have the right workers with the right skills.

Communities that align education and training with economic development efforts grow jobs, reduce unemployment and increase quality of life.

So what can you do to build a healthy education ecosystem?

A Healthy Educational Ecosystem

A healthy educational ecosystem is one where all providers of education and training—K-12 systems, public and private universities, corporate education, two- and four-year colleges and skills training programs—all play their part in meeting the range of employer needs. Here is how CAEL keeps yours healthy and thriving:

The Energy Source: What's Driving Job Creation? CAEL helps you identify what jobs are being created in what industries. You'll discover which sectors are the best ones to target for growth.

The Clouds Gather: Are Employers Engaged and Drawn to Your Community? CAEL uncovers which certifications, degrees and credentials are most important to your local employers—and other companies you wish to attract.

The Rain Dance: Are Workers Aware of Career Opportunities? CAEL makes the range of opportunities transparent through career mapping, matching and crosswalk tools. We can also provide supports and training to ensure this information is shared with youth, incumbent workers, career changers and untapped talent pools.

The Groundwater Test: Do Local Education Options Meet the Range of Needs? CAEL ensures that you know what your education and training systems are doing—and not doing—before investing in new programs. We help you align job growth projections to increases in the appropriate degrees and credentials at entry, middle and advanced levels.

The Thriving Plant Life: Do Education and Training Programs Build Knowledge, Skills and Capability? CAEL works to ensure that the knowledge, competency and soft skills taught are meaningful in the real world. We also encourage colleges to award credit for workplace and other non-classroom learning to accelerate completion and save money.

The Trip Back to the Clouds: Are Programs Building Resourceful and Resilient Workers? CAEL can help you promote continuous skill development, gather feedback and adjust your programs to meet new needs.





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