Staff Training

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) equips your counselors to help workers make the right educational choices and earn their degrees and credentials faster. With what they learn in our training and workshops, counselors will be prepared to connect job seekers to appropriate learning—so they can find stable employment.

Train Your Staff to Facilitate Good Decision-Making

Many job seekers struggle to make the good choices about their education and career, especially after a layoff. CAEL helps your counselors:

  • Link Job-Seekers to More than Jobs—CAEL teaches your counselors to help workers find rewarding careers, not just move from job to job. Advisors will be able to help workers understand their values, skills, and interests and how they relate to a desired career.
  • Make Education Matter— CAEL teaches your counselors how to demonstrate the importance of education and training to job seekers in the current economic climate. Your team will be able to provide them with options such as earning college credit for what they have learned on-the-job or anywhere outside the college classroom.
  • Know Where to Go— CAEL teaches your counselors which fields are growing, and how someone can transition from where they are to the career of their choice.

Train Your Staff to Streamline Degree and Credential Attainment

CAEL helps you tap into programs that award college credit for what workers already know. This saves public dollars, saves workers time, and encourages them to complete their degrees. CAEL ensures that you:

  • Get Colleges on Board—Connect workers to a wide range of colleges and universities that offer assessment of learning outside the classroom and/or will accept credit recommendations from these assessments. CAEL helps you develop a strong college network so workers can choose the program that best suits their circumstances, skills, and goals.
  • Make Sure Credits Transfer—Many colleges offer assessment of learning that occurs outside the classroom, but the credit doesn’t transfer. CAEL helps you build a system that is efficient and allows for credit transfer.
  • Provide Easy Access—Ensure that credit evaluations are handled locally or online, allowing easy access for workers at any time, no matter where they live. Visit to learn about CAEL’s online option.
  • Keep It Affordable—Learning assessments are generally more affordable than taking classes, but with financial aid constraints, they may still be out of reach for many. CAEL helps you work to allow Individual Training Account dollars to be used toward assessment.

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College Leaders Valuing Veterans

An event, “Valuing Veterans: How Our Campuses Can Better Serve Those Who Have Served,” held in Chicago on September 27, generated support for student veterans from the presidents and provosts of Chicago-area colleges and universities and raised awareness of the needs and contributions of student veterans.