Strategy & Partnerships

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) helps you find the right partnerships to fill the gaps between employer needs and worker skills—and the right resources to make your initiatives a success. This can put the wind in your sails, helping your work gain speed and impact.

Create Successful Workforce Partnerships

Many workforce developers find it difficult to actively engage their partners in a meaningful way. CAEL can bridge the gap by helping you:

  • Go outside the Usual Suspects—There are those outside of the education, workforce development, and economic development communities who will value your efforts. CAEL helps you find out who they are and how to partner with them.
  • Develop Shared Accountability—Partnerships can fail even if all partners do their jobs well. To resolve this issue, CAEL helps you make your partners accountable to the broad goals, and helps them understand their roles in achieving them.
  • Think beyond the Meeting—If your partners won’t come to meetings, meet them on their turf. CAEL helps you understand the many ways to come together.

Get the Resources You Need to Make it Happen

Workforce development agencies often have limited resources, and funding is constantly shrinking. CAEL can help you get the funding you need by giving you the knowledge to:

  • Make Your Case— CAEL helps you know where the funds are and what the funders want. And then we help you align your proposals to match.
  • Back It Up—Winning proposals are built on thorough research and well-reasoned strategy. CAEL helps you collect the data that matters.

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Tapping Mature Talent

Read about CAEL's work to develop new services and support systems for an aging workforce.

College Leaders Valuing Veterans

An event, “Valuing Veterans: How Our Campuses Can Better Serve Those Who Have Served,” held in Chicago on September 27, generated support for student veterans from the presidents and provosts of Chicago-area colleges and universities and raised awareness of the needs and contributions of student veterans.

Complete the Degree

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has introduced and endorsed Complete the Degree; a free service, led by local non-profits with a commitment to educational success.

Targeting Public Infrastructure for Job Growth

CAEL developed a comprehensive workforce infrastructure plan for the Central California Workforce Collaborative.


February 18, 2013

Adult Higher Education: Bridging Your Past to Your Future

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