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About Us

Our Team

The CAEL team draws great strength from its varied set of backgrounds and skills. But we hold one very important quality in common: dedicated expertise in forging the connections between learning and work that adult learnersand their communitiesdepend on for social mobility and economic equity.

Misty Monroy

Manager, Member Engagement

Misty Monroy joined CAEL in 2023. As manager of member engagement, she focuses on enhancing the value of CAEL to members as well as continually improving the member experience via her outreach with CAEL’s member community. 

Monroy most recently served as operations coordinator at The Graduate! Network, where she focused on improving overall operational management systems, processes, and best practices across the organization. Monroy was also responsible for improving the organization’s customer experience and finds the deepest satisfaction knowing she can help teach or motivate others to learn, even when they come from a background of little to no education. Monroy’s drive for helping others comes from understanding how education can change an individual’s course. 

A native of Northern California, Monroy enjoys travel and diversity in cultures around the world and is motivated by the idea that we share a responsibility to each other in the community. Misty volunteered for nine years in the Cambodian community, assisting with advancing education among second language learners and supporting the deaf Cambodian community within the rural areas of the country. 


Board Members

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