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DoED Signals Support for Transparency Initiative College Scorecard

Posted by Brian Sorenson on Jun 15, 2017 3:44:21 PM

Topics: Transparency, Trends in Higher Education

The Department of Education will retain College Scorecard, an initiative that helps prospective students make informed enrollment decisions by providing easy access to data about institutions’ graduation outcomes, reports Inside Higher Ed. Data provided by College Scorecard highlights factors like the debt burden carried by a college or university’s graduates, allowing would-be students to weigh factors that would have an impact on their lives long after graduation.


New Bill Seeks to Create Transparency in Higher Education

Posted by Brian Sorenson on May 19, 2017 3:09:53 PM

Topics: Adult Student Success, Transparency, Trends in Higher Education

In today’s divisive political climate, it’s rare to see officials reach a consensus across party lines. That makes the recent bipartisan efforts to increase transparency of data pertaining to college outcomes all the more significant.