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Wasted Talent: Ending Knowledge Discrimination

Posted by Peter Smith on Sep 12, 2018 2:29:58 PM

Topics: Webinar, Trends in Higher Education, Prior Learning Assessments (PLA), Adult Student Success

Dr. Peter Smith is a founding board member of CAEL, and he'll discuss issues related to the world of adult learning at CAEL International Conference 2018, which takes place from November 13 to 16 in Cleveland!

It is time for a national discussion about talent, learning and employment. The subjects of this conversation are the millions of adults in America today with significant talent and knowledge, but no certificate or degree. The people who can do something about it are educators, entrepreneurs and employers. We are used to thinking about higher education as an opportunity for the individual. But it has become a necessity for the economic future of our country as well.


How Can Higher Ed Better Serve Adults? Our March 29 Webinar May Have an Answer

Posted by Brian Sorenson on Mar 19, 2018 9:30:24 AM

Topics: Webinar, Adult Learner 360

Since it was first offered, Adult Learner 360 has helped higher education institutions nationwide assess, implement and revise strategies for meeting the needs of adults--a rapidly growing population of students that colleges and universities can ill afford to ignore.


Adapting Today’s Higher Education Policies for Today’s Students

Posted by Brian Sorenson on Jun 7, 2017 3:59:40 PM

Topics: Webinar, Partnerships, Structural Approaches to Learning

Much has been made about changing face of higher education. In fact, CAEL’s very existence is owed to the recognition that the number of older learners in pursuit of a postsecondary degree or credential is growing and needs support. Yet as this recognition becomes increasingly mainstream, one facet of adult learner support continues to lags behind, says Peter McPherson: higher ed policy.