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CAEL, League for Innovation in the Community College to Host Virtual Learning Summit

Posted by Christine Carpenter

Topics: Working Adult Learners, training

On October 5-6, CAEL will partner with the League for Innovation in the Community College to host “The Cycle of Working Adult Learners: Removing Barriers and Building New Pathways,” a virtual learning summit. CAEL members can receive a $100 discount if they register by Aug. 31.

Preparing adult learners for the future of work is fundamental to the CAEL mission, and that’s why we’re so excited to collaborate with the League for Innovation in the Community College on this summit. The League for Innovation in the Community College is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to cultivate innovation in the community college environment. The League has sponsored more than 200 conferences, institutes, seminars, and workshops; published over 200 reports, monographs, periodicals, and books; led approximately 140 research and demonstration projects; and provided numerous other resources and services to the community college field.

The summit’s focus on the learning cycle of working adults, especially within the context of removing barriers and building new pathways, couldn’t be more relevant or timely. Each learning objective will play a part in the post-pandemic recovery puzzle for postsecondary practitioners, adult learners, and social mobility: They include: 

  • Identify the barriers for working adult learners
  • Describe various adult learner initiatives
  • Describe best practices in effectively serving working adult learners
  • Recognize the various adult learner principles being utilized in your college
  • Identify the adult learning cycle and pathways
  • Identify problems and issues associated with the adult learning cycle and pathways
  • Begin to develop an understanding of flexible learning ecosystems that include recognition of prior learning, competency-based education, and program design best practices

The summit will function as a working retreat for college teams to build and refine expertise in these areas. Sessions will cover case studies and research within a workshop framework. We’ll encourage you to exchange experiences and ideas as you engage in group and individual exercises that will inspire institutional improvement and accelerate progress. Certificates will be awarded for attendees at the close of the program.

One of the things that distinguishes effective learning is a tangible link to “the real world.” To create an even more concrete connection between “theory and practice,” we encourage participants to designate a specific project, challenge, or opportunity from their institution to serve as a focal point of discussion during the summit. For example, you may want to use the summit to help plan a new initiative, improve an existing resource or program, or reinvigorate a postponed or stalled effort. 

For registration and more information, visit league.org. As one of the seminar facilitators, I hope to see you there!