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From Chief Learning Officer: When Employees Own Their Careers, Everyone Wins

Posted by Debra Steele

Topics: Employee Engagement, Transparency, Career Mapping, Talent Management, Employee Motivation, career development

Transparency is a big topic that touches on both a company’s external and internal brand. One key aspect of business transparency centers on the internal discussions between employer and employee, for both present and future employees. 

When a company is committed to internal transparency, it forms an active “partnership” between the employer and the employee. As the company shares its vision for future growth with employees — including sharing the skills and competencies the company needs now and into the future — employees understand what the company values.

This empowers employees to invest their time and energy in improving their skills in ways that make sense for them, as well as for their employer. Employees have a clear path for job mobility and self-development — leading to a more engaged and productive workforce that drives the business outcomes that companies desire.
So what can companies do and where do they begin?

Find out in the Chief Learning Officer article, When Employees Own Their Careers, Everyone Wins, authored by Lynn Schroeder, VP of Client Relations at CAEL.