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How Talent Mobility Improves More than Just Employee Retention

Posted by Brian Sorenson

Topics: Workforce Development, Employee Engagement, Career Pathing, Talent Mobility

It’s no secret: Talent mobility is increasingly recognized as an important litmus test employees use to determine whether they’ll stay within an organization or leave for greener pastures. Defined as an organization’s ability to identify organizational needs, employees’ skill and potential, and the capacity for making transparent succession possibilities for employees, it’s clear why today’s workforce, increasingly nimble and hungry for a challenge, values a workplace that affords career movement.

Beyond helping improve employee retention, an effective talent mobility strategy can pay dividends in enhancing an organization’s culture as well. Citing results from a recent study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity, “Talent Mobility Matters,” Chief Learning Officer magazine takes a look at why a talent mobility strategy is essential for fostering an efficient, competitive workforce.

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