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Millions of American adults considering a return to education are seeking work-relevant training that gets them closer to their career goals, and can fit in with their many responsibilities and obligations. For postsecondary institutions to effectively serve these learners, traditional programs must evolve to put the needs and priorities of adult learners at the center.

While doing so is no easy task, many institutions and other learning providers are paving the way with new approaches and strategies, often developed through innovative partnerships and collaborations. These approaches integrate targeted education with comprehensive supports like navigation, coaching, wraparound services, and opportunities for work-based training.

In this workshop, we’ll continue the conversation we began during the November CAEL conference and give postsecondary leaders new insights on how to put these ideas into practice. We’ll feature innovators and educators who are pioneering approaches to serving adult learners and foster discussion that leaves workshop participants with actionable takeaways. Join us to hear from people who are pioneering new approaches to working with adult learners, and get their insights on how you can infuse these approaches into your own work.


Sheila Sarem, Founder, Project Basta

Kathleen deLaski, Founder & President, Education Design Lab

Gisela (Gigi) Escoe, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Dean Experience-Based Learning and Career Education, University of Cincinnati

Holly Custard, Deputy Director, Institute Partnerships & Outreach, Strada Institute for the Future of Work

Melissa Leavitt, Senior Research Fellow, Strada Institute for the Future of Work

Janet Salm, Managing Director, Strada Institute for the Future of Work


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