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Registration now open for the CAEL 2022 Conference in Chicago, IL. Join us!

Attend Irresistible Communities: How Higher Ed, Workforce Teams, and Industry Work Together to Strengthen Local Economies and learn how to collaborate with other key stakeholders in your local community to attract, retain and re-train a workforce that will draw new employers to your region and help those already there to grow.


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Lewis Brown, Vice President, Partnerships
Angela Gallagher, Director of Consulting Projects

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How CAEL can help you to identify the talent and education needs in your region
  • How Work Learn Earn convenes employers, educators, workforce, and community in other regions
  • How regions across the U.S. leverage technology to support working learners in getting the training and jobs they need to thrive, and how this technology attracts employers

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