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Apprentices Are Welcome Guests at Hilton Worldwide

Recently, we shared an article from the New York Times that looked at the state of factory jobs and the credentialing now necessary to get them. Factories, it turns out, are now demanding the same level of education attainment that most other well-paying jobs demand. But with a four-year degree not always the best choice to gain the skills necessary for every position, apprenticeships have started to return to the forefront as a viable alternative to a postsecondary degree.

Seizing on the opportunity to provide a similarly focused, hands-on learning and upskilling opportunity, Hilton Worldwide is now offering apprenticeship programs of its own.

Apprentices must complete a six-week rotation through all hotel departments—including security, food and beverage, engineering, security, accounting, HR and front office. Once the rotation is finished, apprentices choose a specific department to focus on for an additional 16 weeks. Upon completion of those 16 weeks, apprentices then must complete a final project: a presentation to Hilton’s executive committee.

After completing the apprenticeship, a Management Development Program Certificate (MDCP) is awarded, a credential that’s recognized industrywide.

Demonstrating the renewed interest in apprenticeships in high-growth sectors, including hospitality, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced last year that it would provide $60 million to states and $30 million to businesses and partners to expand registered apprenticeships. Hilton’s program, a registered apprenticeship, is beneficiary of DOL funding.

Hilton Worldwide’s Chief Learning Officer Kimo Kippen, who spoke last fall at CAEL’s 2016 Annual Conference on the importance of businesses providing education and upskilling opportunities for frontline employees, positions Hilton’s apprenticeship program as an invaluable tool to draw attention to the many career paths within the service sector, paths which, he says, are often overlooked.

Hilton is a member of Business Champions, a group of leaders at top companies across the nation who are committed to investing in employee education and promoting policy that increases employee access to the skills, training and degrees needed to increase employability. In 2015, Hilton partnered with CAEL for a program to support GED attainment efforts. 

To read more about Hilton’s apprenticeship program, click here.


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