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    Attracting Adult Learners With Credit for Prior Learning

    Prospective Adult Learners Say that Opportunities to Earn CPL Can Drive Their Enrollment Choices, Yet Differences by Income Suggest the Need for Greater Clarity in Messaging for Lower Income...
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    COVID and the Great Disappearing Student Loan

    A temporary change in the tax code expanded the definition of “employer educational assistance” to include student loan repayment — what difference will it make for adult learners? 
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    Using the Right Terms: Announcing CAEL’s Switch from PLA to CPL

    After much deliberation, CAEL is excited to announce that we will now be using the term credit for prior learning (CPL) when referencing the various methods, strategies, and programs used to evaluate...
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    How PLA/CPL Equity Can Nourish Our Social Justice Roots

    New CAEL/WICHE Research Report "Equity Paradoxes in the PLA Boost" Explores Strategies to Address the Opportunity Gap for Black and Low-income Adult Students 
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    Three Ways to Maximize Your Support for Adult Learners With Relief Act Funds

    The federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic has come in three main pieces of legislation. Here are a few ways that postsecondary institutions might leverage the new federal relief funding to help...
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    Lifelong Learners: the Ultimate ‘Transfer Students’

    There has been recent discussion about the need for consistent, student-friendly policies for recognizing transfer students’ prior college credit. Otherwise, there is a danger that students could...
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