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CAEL and CAP: A Unique Partnership Brings CAEL’s Adult Learner Academy to Philadelphia

Next month CAEL’s Adult Learner Academy will come to Philadelphia, courtesy of a special partnership that will shed light on some of the most effective ways to reach adult students. CAEL will be hosting the professional development workshops along with The Council for Accelerated Programs (CAP), a membership organization that serves professionals who lead, teach and conduct research in accelerated programs in higher education.

Formed as a special interest group within CAEL, CAP has grown to become a distinct member organization, offering services that focus on accelerated programs and adult learners. Working closely with CAEL, CAP advocates for collaboration and the sharing of the latest research among its members to provide effective accelerated learning for adult and nontraditional students.

Coinciding with CAEL’s scheduled workshops, CAP will be offering its own series of workshops at the August 1-3 Adult Learner Academy. True to its mission, the CAP workshops will focus on helping participants implement and assess accelerated programming. The CAP workshop topics are: Standards for Accelerated Programs, Understanding Accelerated Learning: The Whys and Hows and Faculty Development in Accelerated Programs.

Like CAEL, CAP is driven by the mission to increase access to higher learning for underserved populations of learners. This partnership will expand learning opportunities for Adult Learner Academy participants looking to provide optimal educational opportunities for those populations, leveraging each organization’s unique expertise in areas that have the greatest impact on the adult learner.  

To learn more about the workshops or to register for the Philadelphia Adult Learner Academy, click the button below.

Philadelphia Adult Learner Academy


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