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CAEL Featured in Nationwide Campaign for Adult Learner Advocacy

Last year ended on a high note for the cause of advocating for adult learners, with CAEL’s president and CEO Pamela Tate sharing five things adults should know before going back to school. Tate’s article was part of a nationwide campaign drawing attention to the adult learner. Spearheaded by publishing group Mediaplanet and distributed by USA Today, the campaign highlights the many ways increasing access to higher education for adult learners can benefit our country.

In her article, Tate notes that adults have a number of options available to them that can increase their chances of success in completing their degree programs. “Today, a significant number of colleges and universities are implementing programs and policies that meet adult learners’ needs,” she says.

The campaign, which draws together thought leaders from higher education to call attention to the opportunities and challenges adults and other so-called “nontraditional” students face, helps connect adults who are thinking of going back to school with the tools, resources and knowledge they need to achieve the success they deserve.

If the progress made for the adult learner in 2016 is any indication, advocates for the adult learner have a lot to be optimistic about in the year to come.

To read Tate’s full article, click here.


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