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Colorado Veterans Get Good News with Passing of Prior Learning Bill

Last month, we highlighted Colorado veterans’ efforts to encourage their state to adopt a policy that would require state colleges and universities to recognize credit for prior military service. According to the Denver Post, those efforts have been successful: Colorado gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill into law that will do precisely that.  

With the passing of House Bill 1004, state higher education institutions will adhere to the American Council on Education’s recommendations on the joint services transcript, which details veterans’ course completions, and provide equivalent college credit. With almost 400,000 veterans living in the state, the signing of HB17-1004 could provide the push many veterans need to begin or complete their academic goals.   

As greater attention is placed on recognizing the right colleges and universities for veterans, it’s likely that those that implement PLA-friendly policies for veterans will stand out at the top of the class.

To read the full article about the signing of HB17-1004 from the Denver Post, click here.

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