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Colorado Veterans’ New Mission: Earn College Credit for Service

Military veterans and active duty servicemembers enter classrooms with a wealth of skills and knowledge before they crack open a single textbook, and though they’ve passed many tests, none were of the multiple choice variety. Through their training and service, servicemembers gain knowledge from a deep pool of subjects, including foreign languages, programming, medicine and intel.

Given the wealth of knowledge servicemembers may have gained before beginning pursuit of a college degree or credential, it’s not surprising that they may look to translate that prior learning into college credit. Yet as the Denver Post reports, at least in Colorado, it’s not always possible to realize that goal.

Iraq War veteran Travis Weiner’s summary of the situation, quoted in the Post, says it all:

“You can’t tell me that someone who has served overseas and learned to speak two languages is not qualified enough to earn college credits toward a political science degree. It doesn’t make sense.”

That’s why some veterans in Colorado are lobbying state lawmakers to push colleges and universities statewide to enact a policy to award credit for military service. The proposed legislation, HB17-1004 College Credit for Military Education and Training, passed the State House unanimously in April and is now in the Colorado Senate. In addition, the Colorado Department of Higher Education is working with the bill’s sponsors.  

To read the full article on veteran prior learning by the Denver Post, click here

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