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Connecting Service Members and Higher Ed

As Veterans Day approaches it’s fitting that we focus on efforts to help military service members and veterans gain access to postsecondary education.

We recently covered the collaboration between CAEL and the Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit (MCMC) which resulted in a new online resource, Valuing Military Learning - A Guide to Military Prior Learning Assessment and More, aimed at service members and veterans in healthcare to assist their transition into the civilian workforce by earning career credentials through prior learning assessment (PLA).

Recently, Amy Sherman spoke with Diverse: Issues in Higher Education to discuss how this resource will help men and women who have served gain access to a sector of the U.S. economy that is primed for significant growth in the years to come.

“CAEL’s veterans’ team attends military-related conferences and workshops, and engages in field research to make sure that the team is well-versed in the latest information in the field,” Sherman explained to Diverse’s Lois Elfman. “This guide is directed toward the veterans themselves, but it has great value for other stakeholders. For example, state and higher education stakeholders have an opportunity to learn about what the MCMC members are doing to support veterans in their states.”

To read Diverse: Issues in Higher Education’s full article, click here.


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