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Family Time or Study Time? The Student-Parent Predicament

For many Millennials and younger generations, the importance of a college education has been engrained in them since they were small children. But what about those who chose not to go to college and went straight into the workforce, got married, started families, and are living the “American Dream”? They oftentimes find themselves locked out of career advancement and benefits due to their lack of education. More importantly, what about those adults who choose to become students, but must constantly sacrifice family time for study time, or vice versa?

The recent New York Times article, College Kids, With Kids, states that one-fourth of all postsecondary students are raising children —  but more than half of these students leave college without completing their degrees, leaving them with student loan debt for a degree they never completed. What can colleges do to better support these nontraditional students juggling work, school and family? This article offers suggestions for colleges on how to better serve their adult populations and set them up for success.

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