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How Digital Engagement Supports Today’s Nontraditional Students

There’s no question that today’s “typical” college student looks very different than the one often discussed. Nontraditional students, a population that actually represents the ‘new normal’ makeup of colleges and universities, deserve our support and encouragement.

For ClearScholar co-founder and CEO Jason Konesco, there’s no better opportunity to build that foundation than through the use of what he calls “digital nudges” to foster the level of personalized engagement they need. As Konseco shares with the Huffington Post, nontraditional students often need different kinds of support—and support at different times throughout their time in higher education—than that given to younger students.

Konesco has better insight into this need than most. ClearScholar gives students access to a digital engagement platform that’s tailored to their colleges and universities, including a personalized news feed, interactive campus maps, a unified campus calendar and more.

“The key to engaging non-traditional students is timely and intentional interventions, and a necessary component of that engagement is approaching their needs from a non-cognitive perspective,” Konesco says. “It is essential for non-traditional students to cultivate a foundation of belief before they can be receptive to investing in acquiring knowledge or skills.”

To read the full article by Jason Konesco on the Huffington Post, click here.


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