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How the National Adult Learner Coalition is Serving as a Powerful Voice for Nontraditional Students

In February, CAEL announced its participation in the newly formed National Adult Learner Coalition (NALC). Joined by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), the Presidents’ Forum and the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) and supported by Lumina Foundation, the NALC was founded to provide a voice for nontraditional students to advance national and state policy to support educational attainment.

University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) CEO Robert Hansen recently spoke with EvoLLLution about the elements that inspired the formation of the coalition and how the collaborative effort will improve the NALC’s ability to reach adult learners.

“Like all great partnerships, each organization brings something critical to the table,” Hansen told EvoLLLution. “CAEL is the world’s leading organization for prior learning assessment, and is deeply engaged in other exciting initiatives that benefit adult learners. OLC is the world’s leading organization for online teaching and learning. As we all know, online is an especially popular—indeed, indispensable—modality for many time- and distance-challenged working adults. The President’s Forum consists of presidents of adult-serving institutions that are at the cutting edge of alternative paths for learning. And UPCEA is the association for leaders and administrators engaged in professional, continuing and online education.”

Already the NALC has made its case for the need for policy changes to build a stronger foundation of support for today’s adult learners—and, by virtue, a foundation of support for today’s workforce. Last month, representatives from the NALC spoke at a Capitol Hill panel on the need for policy revisions, highlighting how the long-term success of our economy demands on them. 

To read the full interview from EvoLLLution, click here. NALC has also provided statistics about today’s adult learners, which you can view here.


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