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Investing in Frontline Employees: Paying Dividends Today and Tomorrow

Frontline employees are an organization’s backbone. As a result, it’s essential that organizations ensure that its frontline employees have access to the level of education and training that they need to excel at their jobs. One happy result of organizations’ recognition of the increasing skills gap is that most now see the value of investing in these entry-level employees.

Organizations like McDonald’s Corporation and Aon, who are members of Business Champions, are just a few of many organizations that have committed to ensuring its frontline employees have an access to a college education. McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity initiative, which includes an English as a Second Language (ESL) program, advising services and programs to help employees complete their high school or college education, is offered to employees at all levels.

Aon has also committed to offering an apprenticeship program, scheduled to begin in January 2017, which will give students the opportunity to earn an associate degree while also receiving important on-the-job experience.

To read more about how these organizations are investing in their frontline employees—and the dividends those investments pay—read the recent Chief Learning Officer article from Lynn Schroeder, Vice President of Client Relations at CAEL, Getting in on the Ground Floor.  


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