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New Study Reveals Most In-Demand Workforce Skills for 2017

Some employee skills and attributes like timeliness, are in demand in any organization and in any industry. Yet as a business adapts to the changing demands of the industry in which it operates, so too will it set its sights on employees who possess unique new skills to meet them. This year, as workplace trends shape hiring, onboarding and upskilling procedures, it’s important to take a look at what some of those new workforce skills will be. To do that, HR Drive shares a recent study on the burgeoning demand for trending skillsets.


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The results from the study point to a growing recognition of the importance of employer-supported learning opportunities and internal employee agility. To keep current on today’s rapidly evolving industries, organizations will become more inclined to privilege learning outcomes that are based on what employees know and can do, and less on some formalized credentials. What’s more, employees’ need for personalized attention will come to the forefront, the study asserts, demanding a more agile workplace.       

In speaking with a representative from LinkedIn, HR Drive found that more specific skills—such as data presentation, and cloud and distributed computing—look to be in high demand in 2017. Perhaps more interesting, however, is the representative’s belief that non-traditional credentialing, such as online certification, will become the gateway to learning such skills.

The article concludes by noting the importance of organizations possessing line-of-sight into the skills and knowledge its employees must have to meet its business goals. Moreover, the article notes, employers must be able to provide training to employees in those skills in a way that’s personalized and trackable. Career pathing software, such as CAEL’s PathSavvy, can provide a detailed level of visibility into an organization’s workforce necessary to identify skills gaps and guide managers to fill them.

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To read the full article on in-demand workforce skills for the coming year, click here.


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