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New Year, New Attitudes about Careers

A new report offers insight into the rapidly evolving employee expectations of how a career should be defined and what it should offer. The eye-opening insights can inform a deeper conversation on how employers can foster a workplace environment that encourages employee satisfaction and engagement–a conversation CAEL has been leading with the career pathing solution PathSavvy and advising resource CareerSavvy

UPDATE: Since this page was published, support for PathSavvy has moved! For PathSavvy’s new home, please click here. To explore CAEL's employer solutions, visit us here

Consulting firm BlessingWhite capped 2017 with the release of a research report, Changing the Conversation: Shifting Attitudes About Career, that provided insight into the changing expectations people have about careers. In short, the report found that:

  • Employees are motivated by work they find meaningful and interesting
  • Career support effects employee engagement
  • Employees are seeking more and better career conversations with managers

These findings, though interesting, were not surprising. We know that employees are more productive when they’re motivated, more engaged when they have access to learning and professional development opportunities provided by their organization, and less likely to leave for other job prospects when they can easily identify similar growth opportunities internally.

Regular structured career conversations between managers and employees are key for meeting these professional development needs and career goals. Yet many organizations fear that they would take too much time, effort and resources to be worth it.

Thankfully, solutions like PathSavvy, CAEL’s career pathing software, and CareerSavvy, CAEL’s education and career advising suite, are helping businesses have the kind of productive, informed career conversations employees seek without adding additional responsibilities on the shoulders of busy managers and HR staff.

With PathSavvy, managers can use employee action plans it provides to have meaningful, results-driven discussions around growth and development. Employees benefit from PathSavvy as well, gaining insight into internal roles that offer them the engagement they seek.

CareerSavvy likewise helps employees have constructive discussions about their professional development goals without burdening managers. The one-on-one virtual advising sessions led by experienced advisors help employees address their unique set of needs and challenges while aligning learning opportunities with company goals. For managers and HR personnel who are looking to have those conversations with employees, CareerSavvy offers training that can give them the tools to better support employees.

To read the BlessingWhite’s report, click here.

Want to learn more about how PathSavvy and CareerSavvy can help your organization foster an engaged, productive workforce? Click the link below for more information. 

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