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    Intersect With Earl May 2023

    Widening the CPL lens: CAEL research has exposed the unfortunate irony that while underserved students stand to receive some of the biggest CPL benefits, they are least likely to receive them. The...
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    Intersect With Earl April 2023

    In this edition, we highlight a major investment in work-based learning, a new take on the science vs. humanities debate, and a statewide convening dedicated to adult learners. You’ll also find out...
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    Intersect With Earl March 2023

    When connections among education and employment grow, they create new opportunities to make college more accessible and relevant for students with diverse backgrounds and needs. Examples below...
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    Intersect With Earl January 2023

    As more appraisals of postsecondary (and even K-12) education take place through a workforce lens, the urgency of diverse, multiparty collaboration becomes even more important. Below you’ll find...
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    Intersect With Earl December 2022

    There are parallels between the case for experiential learning and skills-based hiring. If “seat time” isn’t the best way to validate a credential, are such credentials the best way to signal job...
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    Intersect With Earl September 2022

    At CAEL, I like to think that every month is workforce development month. Then again, every month is also postsecondary education month. From our perspective, those two niches of the adult learning...
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