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    How a Long-Running Energy Coalition Proves Industry-Education Partnerships Are Key to the Future of Workforce Development

    The Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE), a CAEL signature initiative, is one of the most enduring industry-education partnerships in existence. Since its inception two decades ago, more...
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    Incremental Credentials: Giving Students the Tools to Own Their Learning and Open Doors to the New Labor Market

    The bachelor’s degree has long been considered the ticket to long-term employability and good jobs, and understandably so: studies show that people with degrees are more likely to be employed, and...
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    EPCE Presents First Annual Learner of the Year Award

    The worlds of education and employment continue to intersect in more places and in new ways. Whether proactive or reactive, partnerships among industry organizations, employers, postsecondary...
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    Prepared Remarks From Earl Buford’s Opening Keynote at the 2022 IMS Digital Credentials Summit

    Good afternoon, and thank you, Rob, for that introduction. For those who may not be familiar with CAEL, we are a national, nonprofit membership organization. Our vision is that every adult can...
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    EPCE’s Semi-Annual Coalition Meeting To Highlight Workforce Diversity and Inclusion, Energy Policy, and Stackable Credentials

    INDIANAPOLIS – The Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE) will hold its semi-annual meeting on April 14-15. The two-day virtual event will center on the latest challenges, opportunities, and...
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