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    Truist Foundation announces Where It Starts, a $22M initiative to support small businesses and create career opportunities for communities of color

    Media Contact: Kristen Fraser, Truist|kristen.fraser@truist.com     Elizabeth Brandes, CAEL|ebrandes@cael.org 
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    Using Competency-Based Decision Making to Declutter Career Pathways

    Postsecondary education continues to be a high-speed entrance ramp to rewarding career pathways. As recently as May, the National Center for Education Statistics noted in a report that educational...
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    Earl Buford Joins Workplace Podcast

    Recently, CAEL President Earl Buford was a guest on Personnelity, a podcast that focuses on efforts to foster “healthier, more just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.” Earl talked about...
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    CAEL Receives $15.7 Million Grant From Truist Foundation to Strengthen Financial Services Career Pathways

    Partnership with Council for Adult and Experiential Learning will establish support and training for adult learners entering financial services and adjacent industries
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    Looking to Amplify Your Advocacy for PLA/CPL at Your Institution? Perhaps Findings on Younger Students Can Help Make a Broader Case for Recognizing Prior Learning

    We hope we provided some compelling information in the The PLA Boost and Equity Paradox reports about the need to understand and craft solutions for prior learning assessment (PLA)/credit for prior...
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    How PLA/CPL Equity Can Nourish Our Social Justice Roots

    New CAEL/WICHE Research Report "Equity Paradoxes in the PLA Boost" Explores Strategies to Address the Opportunity Gap for Black and Low-income Adult Students 
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