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#TalentTuesday – A Spotlight on the Talent Gap

The Lumina Foundation is joining #TalentTuesday, a new effort to draw attention to our talent gap to show what’s working and what’s required to build a stronger nation through greater education attainment.

Each Tuesday they will share new content about our nation’s need for talent and what can be done to meet it. Through op-eds, blog posts, social media content, and media interviews, they will tackle everything from the business case for talent, to the untapped talent of America’s veterans, to questions of equity, to the role cities play in creating talent hubs, and more.

At CAEL, our mission is to link learning and work to help adults succeed. #TalentTuedsay is an issue that we are passionate about and we will support Lumina to make this effort front and center.

Click here to read Jaimie Merisotis’s, CEO and President of Lumina Foundation, Huffington Post blog – America’s Talent Gap: Five Areas of Focus. The blog features the new study which shows the ROI of tuition assistance. Business Champions, a CAEL initiative, helped facilitate this study.


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