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How Can Higher Ed Better Serve Adults? Our March 29 Webinar May Have an Answer

Since it was first offered, Adult Learner 360 has helped higher education institutions nationwide assess, implement and revise strategies for meeting the needs of adults--a rapidly growing population of students that colleges and universities can ill afford to ignore.


Using the survey assessment tool, institution stakeholders and students alike are given the opportunity to report on an institution's current adult learner-friendly offerings. Assessed against CAEL's Ten Principles for Effectively Serving Adults, these results highlight areas for improvement and provide actionable steps an institution's stakeholders can take to become more desirable for prospective adult students and increase support for adults currently enrolled


On Thursday, March 29 from 1 PM to 2 PM CDT, we'll be hosting a free webinar that will highlight how Adult Learner 360 has empowered institutions to adapt to support the "new normal" student: The Adult Learner 360: Evidence for Institutional Change.


CAEL's Adult Learner 360 Product Manager, Barry L. Nickerson, will provide a detailed overview of Adult Learner 360. He will be joined by Western Governors University's Director of Institutional Research, Kurt Gunnell, and will explore topics that include:

  •  CAEL’s Data Hub—Preview powerful comparisons that can be made to refine your data at any point; learn how your data can be mapped to your regional accreditation criteria
  • Meet Western Governors University, an online, competency-based higher education institution that has administered the Adult Learner 360 and hear how it has impacted their practices
  • Learn how CAEL makes recommendations for change based upon Adult Learner 360 data

To sign up for The Adult Learner 360: Evidence for Institutional Change, click the button below. Click here to learn more about Adult Learner 360.



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