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Employer Leadership on a Roadmap for Change

Posted by Debra Steele on April 29, 2016

Topics: Talent Management, Partnerships

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation argued for employers to lead the way in closing the skills gap by using lessons learned from supply chain management in a study released in 2014. This was projected to solve the problems of the growing gap that will threaten companies’ ability to compete globally if unaddressed.

The rapidly changing business environment of today requires a flexible education system, and the USCCF posited that employers could organize themselves to play the leadership role effectively.

By effectively managing talent pipelines, upskilling could happen in a planned, strategic fashion. Businesses could advance incumbent employees, so that recruiting and staffing experts can focus on finding people with the right experience for their needs, and onboard young talent more effectively.

In turn the government could follow by revamping essential funding structures to coincide with this strategy.

Since that report was released, the Chamber Foundation has focused on building capacity for employers to take on this role. Related employer collaboratives are focused on coordinating leading supply chain practices among a network of employers, such as demand planning and using a shared language to communicate competency and credential requirements for critical positions.

Learn about the latest related strategies in the 2015 report, which you can access by clicking here.