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Business and Higher Education Meet to Bridge Skills Gap

Posted by Brian Sorenson on December 2, 2016

Topics: Workforce Development, Partnerships, career development

When we talk about filling the skills gap maybe we should instead describe the process as bridging the gap. The distinction is an important one; the issue of the skills gap as we know it will only be solved when industry and academia meet. President of Portland Community College Mark Mitsui is helping to build that bridge throughout Oregon, working to engage area businesses as his institution translates the skills employers say their jobs demand into course curriculum.


Spanning the Gap Between the Workforce and the Educational System

Posted by Lynn Schroeder on May 9, 2016

Topics: Partnerships

Information released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in June revealed some puzzling data.


Employer Leadership on a Roadmap for Change

Posted by Debra Steele on April 29, 2016

Topics: Talent Management, Partnerships

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation argued for employers to lead the way in closing the skills gap by using lessons learned from supply chain management in a study released in 2014. This was projected to solve the problems of the growing gap that will threaten companies’ ability to compete globally if unaddressed.