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Building a Workforce Strategy in Northeast Florida

Posted by Brian Sorenson on June 5, 2018

Topics: Workforce Development, Success Stories, Recruiting Talent, Sector Partnerships

Since February, CAEL has been a consultant on a project to develop and implement a strategy to encourage positive economic and job growth in northeast Florida, and to enhance the region’s brand. This initiative, Elevate Northeast Florida, is aimed at reaching the following regional goals:

  • Economic growth: Elevate Northeast Florida will lead to increased economic growth in the region by identifying and capitalizing on regional and county-specific assets.
  • Talent development: Elevate Northeast Florida will lead to a more competitive talent pool and increased employment by connecting residents to jobs, especially in target industries.
  • Brand recognition: Elevate Northeast Florida will result in a marketing and branding campaign that raises awareness of the region’s assets to U.S. and international audiences.
  • Global competitiveness: Elevate Northeast Florida will lead to enhanced global competitiveness by focusing on strategic investments across the region.
    Source: ElevateNeFL.com

We recently spoke with JAXUSA Partnership’s Vice President of Education and Workforce Development, Tina Wirth, about the initiative and how JAXUSA has worked to bolster economic development throughout northeast Florida.


New Study Shares Secrets of a Happy Marriage Between Employers & Higher Ed

Posted by Brian Sorenson on June 21, 2017

Topics: Workforce Development, Success Stories, Skills Gap

“What does meaningful engagement look like?”


How the Right Partnerships are Helping Communities Prosper

Posted by Brian Sorenson on June 5, 2017

Topics: Workforce Development, Success Stories, Knowledge Transfer

Last month, New York Times op-ed columnist Thomas L. Friedman provided a compelling look at the state of economic development throughout the country. Noting the various trials and tribulations of attempts at community workforce and economic reinvention, Friedman painted a portrait of a nation with ample promise for overcoming the many challenges that may hinder those efforts, but promise that’s not always realized.


The Silicon Valley of the Midwest? How CAEL is Growing IT in Iowa

Posted by Brian Sorenson on May 17, 2017

Topics: Workforce Development, Success Stories, Recruiting Talent

The information technology sector represents one of Iowa’s key job growth opportunities. But like most growing sectors, the ability to produce skilled talent in large numbers is the key to realizing that job growth potential. Knowing this, the Iowa Department of Education, in partnership with the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI), engaged the services of CAEL with the goal of creating a map of IT occupations which could be used to greater awareness and interest in IT careers among students, parents and counselors throughout the state.


Chicagoland’s Veterans Working Group Draws Accolades

Posted by Brian Sorenson on May 12, 2017

Topics: Success Stories, Recruiting Talent, Partnerships, Veterans

As we noted in February, Chicagoland businesses have been involved in a unique effort to learn from and collaborate with CEOs, HR, hiring managers and representatives from military-connected organizations throughout the region. The effort, the Veterans Working Group (VWG), was born from a collaboration between the Commercial Club of Chicago’s Civic Committee and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, and is facilitated by CAEL.


How CAEL's Supporting Degree Attainment in High Growth, High Demand Industries

Posted by Brian Sorenson on May 10, 2017

Topics: Workforce Development, Success Stories

To meet employer demand, many communities are promoting completion of college degrees, and a wide range of degree completion initiatives have developed across the US. While increasing college attainment is critical, success won’t happen with just any credential. CAEL supports individuals and communities encouraging credential attainment in key industries, aimed at key specialties, at levels that reflect the needs of each specific regional economy.  


McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity Education Program Hits New Milestones

Posted by Brian Sorenson on May 1, 2017

Topics: Success Stories, Employee Incentives, Tuition Reimbursement

The McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program has reached new heights as the education initiative marks new milestones in providing employees with opportunities for personal and professional development. Entering its second year, Archways to Opportunity has seen its enrollment balloon to almost 17,000 employees. In addition, McDonald’s has recognized its 100th employee who has received a high school diploma through the program.