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Career and Education Advising Certification

CAEL and Indiana University have developed an online, instructor-led course designed specifically for those who need to provide career and education advice to adults. 

This 12-week intensive course covers the following key topics:

  • Apply career development theory to your work
  • Advising Adults: Approaches and Competencies
  • Exploring Career and Education Options
  • Advising Diverse Populations: understanding social, cultural and economic contexts
  • Advise a diverse workforce
  • The Career Planning Process: assessment; data-gathering; goal-setting; action plan
  • Ethics in Advising
  • Capstone: You will be required to exhibit understanding of the skills necessary for providing successful career and education advising

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Adult Learner Academy

CAEL’s Adult Learner Academy strengthens your institution’s efforts to attract and support the growing population of nontraditional students. Encompassing a series of workshops, led by expert practitioners and covering a range of topics relevant to all colleges and universities, participants gain valuable insight and best practices for effectively serving adult learners.

The following workshops will be offered at the Adult Learner Academy in Chicago:

  • Faculty Assessor Training
  • PLA Master Class
  • Focusing on the Outcomes: Designing and Assessing Course Outcomes through Prior Learning Assessment
  • Applying Prior Learning Assessment to Military Student Degree Plans
  • Addressing Accessibility and Usability
  • Design That Welcomes Your Learners

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PLA Workshops - Prior Learning Assessment

A Four-Part Prior Learning Assessment Certificate Program

The course is designed as a draft, review and redraft cycle in which your workshop colleagues provide critiques, suggestions and general feedback to help you finalize your plan. An extensive outline and set of criteria are provided to guide you in drafting your plan and giving feedback to colleagues.

Upon successfully completing all four facilitated workshops, you will be awarded a Certificate of Mastery in Prior Learning Assessment.
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Professional Development Package

Invest in Staff Development to Better Serve Adult Learners

The Professional Development Package supplements your CAEL Institutional/System Membership, offering significant savings for multiple staff members on CAEL’s robust professional development offerings throughout the year at significant savings.

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