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Career and Education Advising Certification

CAEL and Indiana University have partnered to develop an online, instructor-led course designed specifically for those who need to provide career and education advice to adults. 

This 12-week intensive course covers the following key topics:

  • Apply career development theory to your work
  • Advising Adults: Approaches and Competencies
  • Exploring Career and Education Options
  • Advising Diverse Populations: understanding social, cultural and economic contexts
  • Advise a diverse workforce
  • The Career Planning Process: assessment; data-gathering; goal-setting; action plan
  • Ethics in Advising
  • Capstone: You will be required to exhibit understanding of the skills necessary for providing successful career and education advising

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Instructional Design and Technology

iDesign_logoCAEL has partnered with iDesign to provide learning opportunities for aspiring instructional design and technology professionals. LX Pathways is a competency-based educational journey for those interested in becoming an Instructional Technologist or Learning Architect.

  • Beginning and advanced levels.
  • Online, self-paced, modularized content, allowing you to choose what you want to learn.
  • CAEL members receive a 10% discount on these courses.
  • Learners receive micro-credentials upon completion of the associated tracks.

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From the Ground Up: Building the Foundations of a PLA Program

This workshop is designed to cover all the questions you have about prior learning assessment but were afraid to ask!

Designed as an introduction to prior learning assessment, the workshop will lay a foundation by exploring the different opportunities students have to demonstrate their knowledge and learning, and the impact PLA has on organizational practices and student success.

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