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Speakers: Barry Nickerson, CAEL's Director of Higher Education Consulting Projects
Darrin Theriault, Kennesaw State University's Director of Academic Testing & Prior Learning Assessment

The Art and Science of Supporting Adult Learners

The best adult learner strategies not only increase student satisfaction, they also improve enrollment rates and completion rates. Watch The Art and Science of Supporting Adult Learners and learn tips and best practices for engaging and supporting adult learners at your school.


In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to identify gaps you can address to significantly improve adult learners' satisfaction
  • Why schools make incorrect assumptions about what adult learners need to succeed and how to fix those assumptions
  • How Kennesaw State University has taken these insights and applied them to a comprehensive PLA database to maximize adult learner success


This is your chance to learn how to effectively stand out from other institutions who are making mistakes in 10 key areas with the adult learner population.

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