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What is Career Pathing?

Create Clear Paths for Employees and Accelerate Growth from Within


What is Career Pathing? 


Career pathing is the process of mapping career path scenarios within an organization. This provides employees with transparency into vertical, lateral and cross-functional career moves that align to their skills, education and interests. Employees become aware of the education, training, skills and competencies needed to progress their careers.


What are the benfits of Career Pathing?

Career pathing is an invaluable tool that drives meaningful business outcomes. Here are some of the many benefits: 


Business Leaders

Drive retention, engagement and productivity


Create an empowered workforce


HR Leaders


Reduce the time to fill new positions


Reduce cost of attrition and recruiting


Get visibility into employee skills and skill gaps


Managers and Supervisors


Help leaders have meaningful career conversations with their teams


Help leaders play a more active fole in supporting thier employee's career development




Uncover career opportunities


Match skills and interests with internal careers




Looking to implement a career pathing strategy in your organization?


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