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Build a competitive workforce to sustain economic growth. At CAEL, we take a consultative approach to help you reach your goals. Our customized products and services — based on the unique needs of each client — build off of what already exists and deliver actionable recommendations rather than just another report. Let us help you create the conditions for business attraction, growth and retention.


All communities possess programs, resources and capabilities as well as career opportunities. CAEL consultants help you get the right data, so the right partner can act at the right time and achieve the right result. arrow

Map Education & Training Assets

Determine how well your system serves the range of employers’ skills needs and indicate gaps and redundancies among your community’s education and training providers.

Leverage our understanding of today’s learners to identify how education and training partners can reach more people, increasing your region’s talent base.


Turn Workforce Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Use Labor Market Intelligence (LMI), business surveys, advisory committees and anecdotal employer input to specify and clarify workforce needs.



Any successful effort to grow your economy requires the ability to address skills at all levels and leverage the full power of your whole education and training community. CAEL consultants engage your community to help you prioritize for impact and scale. arrow

Understand Your Business Mix

Profile key sectors and associated skills/education concerns in your regional economy.

Leverage our deep understanding of career pathways in key sectors nationally to reveal valuable skills, skills gaps and skill building opportunities in your community.


Build Your Plan

Identify program/content gaps, redundancies and areas where you are over- or under- supplying workers for target sector jobs.

Actively engage the range of local stakeholders, bringing them into the process so they are empowered and accountable.

Increase stakeholder communication and collaboration around target sectors to create a more efficient, effective skills development system.

Use our experience and knowledge of national best practices to create a comprehensive skills strategy that addresses the range of sectors, providers, firms and skill levels.



Baseline data and strategic plans are only useful if they lead to action and result in change that increases workforce quality, efficiency and inclusiveness. CAEL consultants help communities act so they are better prepared to meet business needs and engage economic development prospects. arrow
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Strategic Action

Rebalance education and training resources to better address labor market demand.

Expand services to non-traditional learners/workers to leverage the full range of talent in the community.

Provide innovative, engaging career awareness resources specific to opportunities in your community so workers and learners make smart decisions about what careers to pursue—and the best path to get there.

Leverage and align multiple providers’ business engagement efforts to more efficiently serve employers.

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Leverage Workforce Assets to Close Economic Development Deals

Build “pitch” strategies and workforce solutions that speak specifically to your community’s target sectors.

Create tools and resources to help you effectively present community capabilities and talent development assets that address prospects’ workforce needs.

Train workforce development professionals to become key players in closing economic development deals.

Identify and address policy concerns that enhance workforce and economic development efforts.


Understanding the Human Capital Ecosystem

Company decision makers and site selection consultants often have dozens of viable choices when it comes to which communities are a fit for new job creation. So what separates the winners from the losers? Access to a talented workforce is repeatedly identified as one of the most critical factors for businesses looking to grow. CAEL works with your community to proactively feature your human capital assets as a driving factor for business investment in your community. From articulating your human capital assets to projecting future demand to the creation of marketing collateral that highlights your region’s human capital assets, CAEL makes sure that your community is putting its best foot forward.


Alignment Between Industry Demand and Labor Supply

Communities across the country are striving towards greater alignment between industry demand and labor supply, but the problem can sometimes seem overwhelming. So how do effective communities ensure that their labor supply is keeping up with industry demand? CAEL has worked with dozens of communities on this very issue. From building a framework for actionable labor market intelligence, to assessing a communities’ education assets, to helping create awareness of career and learning opportunities, CAEL helps communities to reflect their economic priorities and aspirations through their investments in learning.


Robust Workforce Pipeline to Fill High Growth Positions

In a world of increased competition and rapid innovation, the workforce needs of business are ever changing. Communities run the risk of stagnant economic growth or worse, job loss, if they aren’t proactive in ensuring the workforce pipeline is healthy. CAEL partners with community leaders to ensure that all elements of the human capital ecosystem produce the talent needed to fill high growth jobs.


Building a Resilient Workforce

Today’s skills may be obsolete tomorrow.  Healthy economies build competencies that apply across sectors, encourage lifelong learning and adapt to changes in technology, industry mix and globalism.  CAEL helps communities drive competency-based, transferable skill development within workforce training and education.


Achieving Scale to Drive Economic Growth

Sustainable economic growth within a community requires strong collaboration among community leaders, industries and educators. CAEL meets your community wherever you are in this process, finding opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness across a range of stakeholders. CAEL focuses at both the strategic and tactical levels to make sure your community is able to leverage its full range of education and training assets to achieve scale to drive economic growth.


Public and Institutional Policy

Public policy at all levels of government has the potential to support and enable change or serve as a barrier. CAEL has a deep understanding of how public sector education and training policy effects community change which allows us to help community leaders navigate and prioritize public policy agendas.