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In this session, we aim to answer the central question, "How do you include immersive science learning experiences in an online, self-paced college course with no live instructor?"
You’ll hear from a learning experience designer on the state of AR tools for exploring systems of the body in a Human Biology course. You’ll hear from an instructional designer on creating a focused, simulation-based lab course for introductory Chemistry. And you’ll hear from the curriculum lead on a team that’s developed dozens of immersive, interactive, hands-on, online lab simulations.
Together, we’ll cover issues related to learner engagement, faculty reactions, early feedback, the state of technology for simulations and AR, and what we hope to see down the road.

Pete Rogan
Is the Director of Learning Solutions for Sophia Learning, overseeing the teams that design Sophia’s online, self-paced college courses. Over the past 20 years in EdTech, Pete has led projects to pilot and apply immersive experiences in language learning, middle school science and social studies, high school history and language arts, and college level science. Pete has a BS in Engineering from Caltech, and an MA in Educational Linguistics from the Middlebury Institute in Monterey. Pete’s passion in immersive learning experiences was sparked by attending an early session of the Games + Learning + Society conference at UW Madison.


Brian Seely

Is a Senior Learning Experience Designer for Strategic Education, Inc, focusing on immersive technologies. He strives to implement and assess the impact of immersive learning within an asynchronous online learning environment. He is pushing the boundaries of immersive technologies to enhance teaching and learning and inform the field of collected data. Brian most notably leads the Augmented and Virtual Reality integration initiative with active WebAR projects at Capella University, Strayer University, and Sophia Learning and Virtual Reality pilots at Strayer and Torrens University. Brian holds a Ph.D. in Learning, Design, & Technology from Penn State University.


Lynne McGovern
Lynne McGovern is an Instructional Designer at Sophia Learning in the Academic department and is part of the Learning Design team, specializing in designing self-paced science courses that are student-centered, competency-based, and aligned to key learning outcomes. She has almost 20 years of experience in instructional design and is a former college instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience in both on-campus and online courses in health science and veterinary science, especially laboratory courses. She holds a master’s degree in Higher Education (M.Ed) from Argosy University and a bachelor’s degree in training and adult education. She is passionate about the science of learning, creating lasting engagement for students in online courses, and finding ways to help students achieve the same success with online learning as with customary brick-and-mortar schools.

SJ Boulton

SJ Boulton is the Global Curriculum Lead at Labster, leading the teams that plan, design, and build their catalog of lab simulations. Based in the UK, SJ has built a career as a learning equity advocate and researcher, combined with a focus as a STEM professional, exploring hybrid learning scenario’s via simulation, game design, and other immersive tools. SJ has a BS in Pharmacology and an PhD in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies, both from Newcastle University.



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