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CAEL Member Benefits

CAEL membership benefits provide unique and robust opportunities for:

        • Connections that promote innovative ideas and actions;
        • Solutions that solve problems; and,
        • Tools that lead to transformation.

New CAEL Institutional Membership Benefits for 2020: 


  • UNLIMITED FREE PASSES (Institutional Members) to this year's CAEL Virtual Conference! Individual members can also register for free. Join CAEL today as an individual for $180 and attend the conference for free. Registration is OPEN! 
  • A Complimentary Credit Predictor Tool for your website. This tool can help you attract and retain adult learners by beginning a discussion about Prior Learning Assessment and the time and money it can save your adult learners.
  • CAEL’s partnership with iDesign is a professional development benefit you can utilize immediately. iDesign's LX Pathways is a competency-based, educational  journey for those interested in becoming an Instructional Technologist or Learning Architect. Learn more details HERE about your membership discount.  
  • CAEL Consultant Services – A complimentary one-hour informational session (valued at $300) with a CAEL expert focused on a specific topic such as effectively serving adult learners, creating a stronger workforce and economy, or implementing prior learning assessment.
  • CAEL's Online Community Platform, caelCONNECT! Members can now collaborate, communicate, and share information, research, and best practices with one-another online anytime! Join the conversation by becoming a member!
  • A Variety of Valuable, Timely, and Exclusive Resources and Publications: Newsletters, blogs, articles, Toolkits, Job Aids, Research Reports, Webinars, and much more! 
  • Additional Professional Develop Opportunities Coming Soon!

New Membership Options for Higher Education Systems and Consortiums

Are you a system seeking ways to assist your colleges and universities with their goals and strategies in serving adult learners? CAEL now offers a variety of options for systems that will help maintain a strategic and systemic focus that will align your institutions with common and shared best practices and goals. For information about how CAEL has geared up to specifically serve Systems and Consortiums, contact Jeannie McCarron at jmccarron@cael.org.



Are you newer to CAEL and want to learn more about your benefits? Do you hope to network with other newer CAEL Members? Or, are you considering joining CAEL and want to learn about benefits that can help you advocate for membership at your institution? Join us for a New Member Welcome Webinar:

Wednesday, September 30th at noon Central

RSVP to Jeannie McCarron at jmccarron@cael.org

We look forward to "seeing" you!


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  • Build connections with CAEL’s membership community, including postsecondary education, employers and workforce organizations across the US.
  • Networking opportunities at CAEL’s national, regional and in-person events.
  • Access to CAEL membership directory allowing members to reach out to peers.
  • Participate in CAEL’s new ‘Communities of Practice’ (coming soon)

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  • CAEL member-only publication from ‘The EvoLLLution’ and content and access to publications and case studies. 
  • Access to members-only webinars, gaining new perspectives on the connections between learning and work and effectively serving adult learners.
  • Access to CAEL publications supporting adult learners through CAEL Members-Only website.



CAEL members gain unique opportunities to meet the best minds in adult learning, inside and outside of higher education, at the annual CAEL International Conference.

  • CAEL members receive discounts on CAEL’s pre-conference workshops, including Fundamentals of Prior Learning Assessment and Competency-Based Education and Assessment Workshop

Click here to learn more.



Members enjoy special discounted pricing on a variety of learning experiences:

CAEL services, including consulting and Adult Learner 360 Survey tool, adult learner success technical assistance services

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  • Member-only complimentary one-hour informational consulting session
  • Structured College Credit Predictor Tool to help adult learners identify potential college-level prior learning they can earn at your institution 
  • Special membership bulk pricing on a variety of professional development learning experiences
  • Special pricing on CAEL services: consulting and technical assistance to support your local workforce and education initiatives; effective Prior Learning Assessment; and Adult Learner 360 diagnostic tool
  • CAEL continues to build additional tools and resources to better support members in their goals supporting working adult learners


Which Membership Type Suits Me Best?

CAEL welcomes Postsecondary Institutions, Employers, Affiliates and Professionals to become members. 

  • Postsecondary Institutions: For postsecondary institutions engaged in creating a transformative culture for adult learners.
    Membership rates based on institution full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment
  • Postsecondary Systems: For systems to choose the right membership to meet your needs: include individual institutions or the system office or customize your system membership. Membership rates based on system plan
  • Affiliates: For organizations, employers, workforce commissions, chamber of commerce, industry associations and more...
    Membership rates based on affiliation 
  • Professional/Consultative: For professional consultants with adult learner expertise.
  • Individual: For individuals serving Working Adult Learners who wish to gain access to the latest resources about adult learners - and who wish to connect with like-minded professionals with similar goals and challenges.


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Vice President, Membership Engagement

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Jeannie McCarron

Director, Membership Engagement


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Director of Event Operations


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Manager, Member Engagement


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Membership Coordinator

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Teri Buffum

Manager of HR Administration


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Membership Marketing Manager


Questions About Membership?

Contact Jeannie McCarron, Director of CAEL Membership Engagement at jmccarron@cael.org.