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Credit Predictor Standard

The Challenge: How do I Streamline and Grow my PLA/CPL Program?

CAEL’s Credit Predictor Standard is a CAEL Member Benefit and offers a complimentary version of the Credit Predictor Pro, a lead management platform connecting current and prospective students to Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) options at your institution or organization through a branded questionnaire that you can post on your website. It allows you to connect with current and prospective students about CPL at your institution. CAEL members have exclusive access to the Credit Predictor Standard and it is free to all institutional members.

Click here to discover the benefits for credit for prior learning (CPL) and access CAEL’s latest research findings.


How It Works

The Credit Predictor Standard empowers current and prospective students by introducing them to the concept of CPL, as many adult learners don't know they can earn credits for what they have learned outside of the classroom. This capability differentiates your institution by demonstrating that expertise gained outside of the classroom could be worth college credit.

How to Get Started

To access the Credit Predictor Standard contact us at membershipservices@cael.org.