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Building Education-Employment Pathways That Enable Equitable Economic Mobility

2022 CAEL Impact Report

Welcome to CAEL’s inaugural impact report, which provides examples of how our work over the previous 12 months made a positive difference for the communities we serve. Each of the achievements you read about in this report is both a reason to celebrate our progress and a reminder that meeting adult learners where they are is a journey that never ends.

How CAEL Works

Championing Adult Learners

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Nearly 90 million workers in the U.S. lack the skills needed to thrive in the future workforce. That’s not too surprising when we consider that among adults (25+) in 2022, 84 million had a high school diploma or less, 33 million had completed some college, and 77 million had college degrees. Further, 80 percent of workers say their college education was not relevant to their field.*

For such workers, closing skills gaps means finally crossing the divide between their low-wage job to more rewarding work. And thousands of employers CAEL works with show that opportunities for career advancement come along with further skill development and credentials that increase earnings. That’s why adult learners and workers expect education and training to position them for advancement along rewarding career pathways. From apprenticeships to advanced degrees, the choices can be overwhelming. But the success of educators, employers, and entire communities depends on empowering adult learners to make the right choices. CAEL positions our stakeholders to do just that.

CAEL (Council for Adult and Experiential Learning) has found that adult learners and workers can only realize their potential within a well-aligned industry, education, and workforce ecosystem. We help build organizational partnerships that center adult learners and workers in initiatives that span the continuum from education to employment. These include workforce and economic developers; chambers of commerce, postsecondary educators; employers and industry groups; and foundations and other mission-aligned organizations. If you are in one of these groups, we can help you meet adult learners and workers where they are and benefit the ecosystem and help achieve your goals by partnering on pathways that support equitable economic mobility and helping adult learners and workers navigate them.

*Source: Table 2. Educational Attainment of the Population 25 Years and Over, by Selected Characteristics (https://www.census.gov/data/tables/2022/demo/educational-attainment/cps-detailed-tables.html)

Key Current Initiatives

Our 2023 Impact

The impact of adult learning is felt across lifetimes.

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The Value of CAEL Membership

CAEL Membership

The Value of CAEL Membership

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