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Our Impact


CAEL envisions a world where every adult learner can achieve economic mobility regardless of background or circumstances. And we are dedicated to making this vision a reality. We challenge conventional wisdom, forging new pathways through human-centered design, cutting-edge research, and visionary idea incubation.

CAEL defines innovation as developing, enhancing, and scaling new products and services to support adult learners and workers, our members, clients, and partners. 

Our approach to innovation is multifaceted and forward-thinking:

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Human-Centered Design

Centering the individual in the innovation process, ensuring that solutions meet adult learners' unique needs and aspirations.

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Innovative Research

Staying at the forefront of emerging trends and insights, using the latest research and data to inform our work.

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Idea Incubation

Nurturing and transforming groundbreaking ideas into actionable initiatives that drive measurable improvement.

CAEL’s innovation concepts are dynamic and respond to emerging opportunities within the evolving education-employment ecosystem. Through our work, we strive to shape the future of adult education and workforce development.

Key Activities


Innovation Thought Leadership

Leading conversations around innovative solutions and emerging topics, setting the agenda across industries and sectors.


Design for Impact

Collaborating to create value-added services and products that empower adult learners to succeed.


Innovation Partnerships

Engaging partners who share our vision, amplifying the impact of our initiatives.

Our scope of work includes grant-funded strategy development, implementation management, and thought leadership, all aimed at driving positive change and empowering adult learners to reach their full potential.

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Our Key Projects:

Our Focus Areas Include:

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