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Credit Predictor Pro

The Challenge: How do I Streamline and Grow my PLA/CPL Program?

CAEL’s Credit Predictor Pro allows institutions and state systems to streamline and monitor the entire prior learning assessment/credit for prior learning (PLA/CPL) lifecycle, providing insights into advisor interactions with students, faculty credential approval, and what types of credit recommendations your students are receiving.


How It Works

The Credit Predictor Pro guides students through the process of documenting their work and learning experiences prior to -- or in between -- their college years. Once students have completed their PLA/CPL profile, the Credit Predictor Pro automatically recommends appropriate PLA/CPL options based on your institution’s PLA/CPL policies and offerings. Advisors also review manual student inputs and recommend CPL matches.

How the Credit Predictor Pro Can Help You Build Your PLA/CPL Program

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Mobile Responsive Interface

Students complete a comprehensive questionnaire about their experiential learning complete with documentation uploads. PLA/CPL staff or advisors make CPL recommendations in the tool, automatically notifying the student of next steps. 

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Dynamic PLA/CPL Reporting

Administrators can see PLA/CPL data from across the entire institution -- or school system -- via dashboard capabilities. Additionally, institutions can pull data from the Credit Predictor Pro via API, automatically loading successful PLA/CPL student data into their CRM or SIS.


Streamline Credential Approval

New credential workflow allows staff to seamlessly route student-submitted credentials directly to faculty members for their review, reducing the burden of work usually handled manually. Each institution will create workflows based on organizational structure.

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Custom Credential-to-Course Crosswalks

Populate your Credit Predictor Pro searchable database with credentials, military training, and standardized exams that have been mapped to faculty-approved courses, which are displayed to students in the tool.


Student Résumé Matched to Lightcast Skills

The Lightcast Skills Extractor pulls key skills from a student’s résumé that may help advisors identify methods to earn CPL. Students can add more skills from the Lightcast Skills database as needed.To learn more about Lightcast Skills, visit skills.emsidata.com.

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Recruit Adult Students

Credit Predictor Standard is a lead generation tool included with the Pro version, allowing institutions to capture appropriate adult student leads. Attract students by letting them know they don’t have to complete courses in subjects where they’ve already attained proficiency.

Enable Success with the Credit Predictor Pro

The Credit Predictor Pro helps students think through skills they've acquired and training they've had outside of the classroom, document those skills and training and then provide that documentation to advisors for review.

This tool is the result of CAEL's 40 years of developing higher education's understanding of and support for PLA/CPL into a convenient platform that will support your institution or state system in ensuring your students receive credit for their skills and expertise.

We'd be delighted to walk you through the system and the ways it will help you reach and support more adult learners.

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