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    Intersect With Earl January 2023

    As more appraisals of postsecondary (and even K-12) education take place through a workforce lens, the urgency of diverse, multiparty collaboration becomes even more important. Below you’ll find...
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    Truist Foundation announces Where It Starts, a $22M initiative to support small businesses and create career opportunities for communities of color

    Media Contact: Kristen Fraser, Truist|kristen.fraser@truist.com     Elizabeth Brandes, CAEL|ebrandes@cael.org 
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    How XPRIZE Is Driving Technologies to Uplift the Global Workforce

    The world of work is rapidly changing. The pandemic, emerging technology, automation, and artificial intelligence, among a myriad of other factors, are underscoring the urgent need to rapidly reskill...
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    Member Matters January 2023

    A Monthly Lookback at Some of the Good Work in the CAEL Member Community
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    Winter 2023 Newsletter

    CAEL 2022 Membership Numbers and Engagement Were the Highest Ever. Thank you, Members! We are proud of an amazing year with our incredible membership. Our 2022 highlights include:
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    Q&A With CAEL Staff: Barry Darnell

    Barry Darnell, who joined CAEL in 2016, has led adult learner-centric initiatives in multiple governmental and postsecondary settings. He directed a statewide healthcare industry partnership and also...
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