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    Highlights From CAEL's 2022 Field of Award Nominees

    Every year, CAEL’s award presentations are among its conference highlights. If actions speak louder than words, the actions of these honorees, which embody what it is to meet adult learners where...
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    Intersect With Earl August 2022

    Thanks for taking a few moments to check out what’s catching our eye at CAEL. Sometimes these items will relate directly to a CAEL initiative, and sometimes they won’t. But they’ll...
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    Summer 2022 Newsletter

    Registration for CAEL’s 2022 Conference Is Open! If you missed last year's incredible annual conference in San Diego, don't pass up the opportunity to join us in person this November at the beautiful...
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    Member Matters July 2022

    A Monthly Lookback at Some of the Good Work in the CAEL Community
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    Using Competency-Based Decision Making to Declutter Career Pathways

    Postsecondary education continues to be a high-speed entrance ramp to rewarding career pathways. As recently as May, the National Center for Education Statistics noted in a report that educational...
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    The SEMI Foundation Launches Career Platform to Diversify and Grow U.S. Semiconductor Workforce

    Foundation partners with CAEL to match worker interests and competencies with educational and career opportunities
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