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November 17-19, 2021

CAEL Annual Conference

Where leaders from across the work-learn-earn spectrum come together to connect and generate ideas for promoting education and career success that benefits entire communities.

Adult Learners Enrolling in Education - Motivations, Barriers, and Expectations

Join Strada's Center for Education Consumer Insights researchers and Adult learner guest panelists as they explore the challenges—financial and otherwise—Americans face as they consider more...

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Roadmaps to Success

Why this course? Adult learners are the new “normal” students, but many postsecondary systems are not optimized to serve their unique needs. This self-paced one-hour microcourse is designed to build...

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Discover New CAEL Membership Benefits

In response to the need for even stronger support of our membership community, CAEL is providing even more benefits for members in 2020. Some of these benefits include:

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How to Attract Adult Learners to Your Program

Register to access the recording for one of CAEL's most popular webinars to date.

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Portfolio Assessment AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Mary Slusser and Kristen Himmerick were part of the LearningCounts Portfolio Assessment program for over 6 years, working on both assessment and administration. During that time LearningCounts...

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The Art and Science of Supporting Adult Learners

The best adult learner strategies not only increase student satisfaction, they also improve enrollment rates and completion rates. Watch The Art and Science of Supporting Adult Learners and learn...

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The PLA Boost

New research findings from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) suggest that policies and practices that support...

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