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Registration now open for the CAEL 2022 Conference in Chicago, IL. Join us!
November 16-18, 2022

CAEL Annual Conference

Where leaders from across the work-learn-earn spectrum come together to connect and generate ideas for promoting education and career success that benefits entire communities.

Automating the Degree Audit/Review Process

The main challenge for institutions engaging in degree reclamation strategies is the significant amount of work necessary to manually review transcripts. In many cases, an institution’s primary need...

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August 4, 2022

Deepen your Adult Learner Support with the Credit Predictor Pro

CAEL's new tool, the Credit Predictor Pro, guides students through the process of documenting their work and learning experiences prior to -- or in between -- their college years. Once students have...

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Roadmaps to Success

Why this course? Adult learners are the new “normal” students, but many postsecondary systems are not optimized to serve their unique needs. This self-paced one-hour microcourse is designed to build...

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July 7 2022

The Future of Continuing Education

Please join us to hear from: Dr. Michael Yakubov, Account Executive for Instructure to discuss the future of continuing education.

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Bridging the Skills Gap Webinar

                Description: Learners increasingly are seeking faster alternatives to traditional degrees. They are turning to non-traditional programs, which are well-positioned in the market to...

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Accelerating change: How listening to adult learners can supercharge your efforts to achieve more equitable outcomes (Recording)

Millions of American adults considering a return to education are seeking work-relevant training that gets them closer to their career goals, and can fit in with their many responsibilities and...

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Leveraging Alternative Pathways to Meet Students Where They Are

What are the obstacles that hinder adult learners on their path to earning a degree? How can institutions help students to overcome these obstacles and find success?

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Making Your Mark with Microcredentials

Microcredentialing has always been in the portfolio of higher education divisions geared to serving non-traditional learners, but as they’re beginning to make their presence felt across more...

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