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    Helping Student Veterans Overcome Obstacles Without Overlooking Their Strengths

    Drs. Kay Yoon and Katie Sullivan are professors in the department of communication at the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (UCCS). About 20 percent of UCCS students are military affiliated,...
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    ‘Terminal Degree’ Takeoff: ECU’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology

    CAEL promotes a philosophy of “a win for one is a win for all” within its community. We spread the word about member accomplishments to amplify that effect. In December, CAEL institutional member...
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    Why the Forever GI Bill is a Victory for Veterans and Higher Ed

    The “Forever GI Bill,” which contains several provisions to help modernize GI education benefits, was signed into law last week as the Harry W Colmery Educational Assistance Act of 2017 (PDF). CAEL...
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    GI Bill Update Would Increase Access to Higher Learning for Veterans

    First offered in 1944 to assist veterans returning from duty during World War 2, the GI Bill has helped millions of veterans buy homes, start businesses and complete degree programs. This week, the...
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    Colorado Veterans Get Good News with Passing of Prior Learning Bill

    Last month, we highlighted Colorado veterans’ efforts to encourage their state to adopt a policy that would require state colleges and universities to recognize credit for prior military service....
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    Colorado Veterans’ New Mission: Earn College Credit for Service

    Military veterans and active duty servicemembers enter classrooms with a wealth of skills and knowledge before they crack open a single textbook, and though they’ve passed many tests, none were of...
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