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How Shasta College is Helping Adult Working Learners to Come up ACEs

Posted by Carlo Bertolini

Topics: Workforce Development, Success Stories, Best Practices, Trends in Higher Education, Adult Learning, Adult Learning Success, Adult Learner 360, Skills Gap, online learning, college completion, reverse transfer, accelerated program, degrees when due, degree reclamation

Shasta College successfully implements accelerated programs, gateway programs to four-year degrees, and a degree-reclamation program to help working adult learners achieve success in degree completion and work.


Adapt and Pivot: Talking Strategy on the Eve of the Inaugural Latino Adult Student Success Convening

Posted by Rafael Pasillas

Topics: Adult Student Success, Trends in Higher Education, Adult Learning Success, Adult Learner 360, Adult Learner Academy

In August 2018, CAEL launched an ambitious new project to improve outcomes for adult Latino students in higher education. The Adult Learner 360 Academy for HSIs is an ongoing initiative to work with 15 Hispanic-serving institutions from across the country:

Austin Community College, TX
Bronx Community College, NY
California State University-Sacramento, CA
Estrella Mountain Community College, AZ
Florida International University, FL
Lehman College, NY
Phoenix College, AZ
Richard J. Daley College, IL
South Texas College, TX
Texas A&M University-San Antonio, TX
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, TX
Union Institute & University, OH
University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, TX
University of Wisconsin-Parkside, WI
West Los Angeles Community College, CA

Funded by generous support from The Kresge Foundation, Ascendium Education Group and Greater Texas Foundation, this three-year project, in partnership with Excelencia in Education, will help the participating HSIs identify areas where they can enhance their services. CAEL will provide professional development, tools and research to support the participants.

As part of the program, the partner HSIs will come together annually with CAEL and Excelencia in Education for the Latino Adult Student Success Convening (LASSC). With our first convening for the initiative on the horizon later in February, we asked our funders what drew them to this project and why they’re involved in the cause to support working adult Latino students.


What Happens When You Start Listening to the Adults in the Room?

Posted by Sean Hudson

Topics: Adult Student Success, Trends in Higher Education, Student Expectations, Case Studies, Adult Learning, Adult Learner 360

We have been hearing more and more about “today’s students” and how they are much more likely to be older people who work and have significant family responsibilities. Some people also refer to these students as nontraditional, post-traditional or simply as adult learners. Regardless of what term is used, colleges and universities are starting to pay a lot more attention to these students, but many postsecondary institutions often wonder what they should be doing differently to meet the needs of today’s students.


Financial Aid and Adult Students; the Elephant in the Room

Posted by Laurie ShoulterKarall

Topics: Adult Learner 360, Financial Aid

Americans owe over $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. Many economists have suggested that it is $600 BILLION more than the total of U.S. credit card debt. Women hold nearly two-thirds of the U.S. student debt―roughly more than $800 billion.


Making The Adult-Friendly Dean

Posted by Scott Campbell

Topics: Adult Student Success, Prior Learning Assessments (PLA), Adult Learner 360

“Everybody's talking at me, I don't hear a word they're saying” are song lyrics that easily describe adults who are considering beginning, restarting or completing their higher education goals.


How Can Higher Ed Better Serve Adults? Our March 29 Webinar May Have an Answer

Posted by Brian Sorenson

Topics: Adult Learner 360, Webinar

Since it was first offered, Adult Learner 360 has helped higher education institutions nationwide assess, implement and revise strategies for meeting the needs of adults--a rapidly growing population of students that colleges and universities can ill afford to ignore.


Enrollment Down, Debt Up; How Increasing the Focus on Adult Students Will Reverse the Trend

Posted by Scott Campbell

Topics: Trends in Higher Education, Adult Learning Success, Adult Learner 360

Inside Higher Ed, in collaboration with Gallup, recently released the 2017 Survey of College and University Admission Directors. The news was not good since only about one third of senior admissions officers indicated that they had meet their enrollment goals by the traditional May 1 deadline. The survey looks at enrollment from multiple perspectives including international student recruitment, the effect of social media activity by potential students and the viability of tuition-free college programs.


CAEL’s Adult Learner 360 Now Giving Schools a 360° View of their Adult Student Population

Posted by Brian Sorenson

Topics: Adult Student Success, Adult Learning, Adult Learner 360

Many colleges and universities strive to ensure a high level of institutional support for their population of adult students, and for good reason. As the populations of adult and other nontraditional students continue to grow, higher education institutions rightly see fostering a high level of support for those students as being essential to support their own growth plans.