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    Why Repeated Doses of Learning Will be Needed in Our Pandemic Recovery

    Recently, a lot of interesting articles about “what’s next” are popping up in my LinkedIn feed. I notice articles about whether remote work is here to stay, whether employers need to brace for a huge...
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    As colleges stare down declining demographics, now is the time to support adult learners

    In an op ed for Higher Ed Dive, CAEL vice president for impact Becky Klein-Collins discusses how demographic trends make effectively serving adult learners and even greater imperative. 
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    Art Chickering and the Adult Learner Movement: Reflections on the Modern American College and Its Connection to CAEL's Work Today

    October, 2020
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    Meeting Them Where They Are: the ‘Concierge’ Approach to Serving Adult Learners at CUNY CSI

    Neila Green is director of adult learners and an adjunct professor of psychology at the College of Staten Island (CSI), which is within The City University of New York, a CAEL member. She has a knack...
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    ‘Terminal Degree’ Takeoff: ECU’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology

    CAEL promotes a philosophy of “a win for one is a win for all” within its community. We spread the word about member accomplishments to amplify that effect. In December, CAEL institutional member...
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    Lifelong Learners: the Ultimate ‘Transfer Students’

    There has been recent discussion about the need for consistent, student-friendly policies for recognizing transfer students’ prior college credit. Otherwise, there is a danger that students could...
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